Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lip Care

One of my pet peeves is dry, flaky lips...I just hate the feel of, it doesn't look too nice...especially after you add some lip color. Completely an unpolished look. Anyway, pet peeves's something I barely ever deal with, even with the extra dryness of winter where I live.

Here's my secrets:

1. I read once, ages ago, that models use this trick all the time. They brush their lips with a wet toothbrush to exfoliate them. It's good not only for sloughing off any dry skin, but for boosting circulation as well. Not only that, it because of the stimulation it makes your lips just a tad bit bigger...(grin)

I do that every evening and always have very smooth lips.

If doing that with a toothbrush doesn't appeal to you...just mix a little sugar with olive oil and rub it on your lips...

2. I'm a lip balm/gloss of my little loves and always has been. I'm constantly smearing on lip balms...and I have them for every occasion. Lip balm with SPF for outside, tinted, natural very day wear, lip glosses with shea butter balm... intense balms for bedtime rehydration. No dry lips for me!

Here's one of my favorite, favorite lip balms...this is the one I put on, every night, before bed. It's just so rich and hydrating, that even in the morning, I feel like there's still some on my lips.

It's by the Merry Hempsters, a vegan body care company. I have the orange one (love orange!) and totally recommend it, especially if you're into vegan, all natural companies and bodycare.