Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More of Summer Delights

Lasagna...mmmmm, and it's raw style! We had a good friend over for a couple days a week or two ago and guess what? She's a raw foodie friend! So when I heard that, I went gung-ho...I made all sorts of goodies! Including the above deliciousness. This was the recipe from Sarma's Raw Food Real World book (my favorite raw recipe book, btw...I'm itching to get her newest one...soon, soon). IT IS DIVINE! I tweaked a few little things...but it was out of this world. My Mom said she liked it better than the cooked lasagna. Yup. That good.

What else did I make? I made a raw corn chowder (Natalie Rose), chocolate macaroons, chocolate pudding, crispy cereal with almond milk (Sarma), marinated squash (from Carol Alt's book), big salads with olives and nuts, kale chips, and raw caramel apple dip (with apples, of course)! DIVINE.

It's amazing how tasty the simple foods are. How light, yet filling they you could run a race or do jumping jacks as soon as you're done eating. Love it. Having our friend here, definitely rekindled a healthfood spark in me again.

A couple days ago I had some frozen strawberries (from our garden) and some of our kale. I just blended the two together with some stevia, raw almond milk, and ice. Simple, but good. Filling too. All organic goodness. And kale chips...., our crazy, amazing garden (we did it the square foot garden way this year and boy, is it worth it) has produced SOOO so so much kale...I've been trying to juice it and we've been making the chips, but we still have lots...and we've even give quite a bit away. Mom made some amazing cheesy kale chips yesterday. I'm still licking my lips.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my summer. Keep it real!

What I've Been Eating All Of This Glorious Summer