Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apple Green Juice

Breakfast for this morning:

Apple Green Juice

Juice these all together and stir...

1 head of Romaine lettuce

some spinach leaves

3 BIG Swiss Chard leaves

3 small apples (this is how I like to use up the brown, bruised apples no one else wants)

3 stalks celery

And Darby (who has a blog about making homemade beauty "potions" - check it out) asked me, "Are you Vegetarian or Vegan?"

And the answer is, "No. I'm actually not. I don't really like labels or restrictions, I like freedom to eat whatever I want (which strangely enought often keeps me away from the bad stuff). I think I could be perfectly fine without meat, since I rarely crave it. But I like to keep my distance from red meats, unless they're organic...I really try to stay away from dairy products such as milk and the processed, dyed cheeses...but there are dairy products I do like. I love yogurt, cottage cheese, and right now, a favorite is goat cheese. I really want raw and whole foods to be the core of my diet, but I don't ever strap myself from something I really feel like. I used to be really extreme about my diet, which actually caused stress, now I'm seeking balance. I would like to be more vegetarian and vegan inclined though."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Best Makeup Remover

In the past I've used the average makeup removers...but for the last few weeks I've realized what not only is the healthier option, is a lot more coconut oil. It works great! And the fun thing about that it actually doubles as an eye cream and eyelash conditioner. I've tried to make it a habit to put an eye cream around my eyes at night (vitamin E. oil, a little organic olive oil mixed with coconut oil), but now I don't really worry about it. The skin around my eyes is moist and free of makeup. Two steps in one!
Here's my breakfast for today:
Green Cleaning Juice (it just makes you feel "cleaner" inside :)
1 head of Romaine lettuce
some spinach
some Swiss Chard
a few green grapes
1/2 plum
Juice it up and sweeten it a tad with stevia. Perfect.
I'll try to post more regularly. We've been so busy with singing and a lot of social events this summer, so I've sorta slacked off....I'll be better. :) Really.