Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wild To-Go

There is so much fun in going outside and harvesting your own lunch...whether it's from your garden, or from grabbing a few dandelions from your lawn and adding them to your salad, picking a few herbs from a pot, or getting fresh mushrooms from the grass (making sure you know them to be completely safe).

When we had beautiful, plump yellow roses this summer, the silky petals went into my salad (above)...and one of my last salads had bright marigold petals in it. Edible flowers look so pretty in whatever you add them too, giving your dish a snazzy flash of color. Pansies are another edible beauty.

Another thing I have discovered is wild grass. Ok, well, I have not discovered it I already knew it existed, lol...but I have found out that is a very cool thing to put in green smoothies. It adds heaps and heaps of fibre, and is just another great source of greens. I'm not talking about cultivated lawn grass, but wild grass you find in the country.

All those things are great too in salads (even wild grass, cut up very small). One of my favorite ways to eat salad lately is simply massaged well with pure olive oil and salt, and then having fresh lemon wedges squeezed onto it. It is simply amazing and so fresh tasting!

So this week, make it your challenge to find some wild greens in your backyard and branch out. It's lots of fun and it's very easy and quick to do. And have buckets of fun!

Drop me a note in the comments below and tell me what wild edibles you like to get and how you use them.


Paulina said...

I never knew rose petals were edible, so that's really nice to know. When I was little, I had a real interest in herbs so I would go to the front lawn every now and then to pick dandelion leaves and roots.

HiHoRosie said...

I haven't used any edible flowers yet in any of my salads or anything but I probably will!

And yes, I love harvesting my own food. We have a garden that's just starting to produce so it's been fun.

shannonmarie said...

I love simple salads. This one would be nice to enjoy with a good book in a garden full of flowers. Hope all is well.