Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost Done

...our CD that is. This last week I haven't posted anything, because I was away in the states, helping mix our newest project. I just got home last night (or early morning I should say), so it's been crazy here. What's more, my sister Anne-Marie and I are leaving tomorrow morning and will be heading to the airport so we can fly out to see my married sister Lizzy for 3 weeks! I'm SO stoked about it...but thoroughly tired of packing and unpacking and then packing again. But hey! I'm done now.

I'll try to do a post once or twice while I'm gone, we'll see how busy it gets. Right now I'm just so excited about seeing my sister who lives SO far away. I haven't seen her since Christmas and I miss her so much.

Food for today:

B~ Hemp Protein Smoothie with almond milk, cinnamon, and banana

L~ Fruit...1/2 grapefruit, orange, green and red grapes, and a half of banana

Snack~ a raw chocolate macaroon and later, 2 homemade cookies

D~ Salad with onions and salsa and homemade WW pizza and for good measure, another cookie, lol

Today wasn't as healthy as I would've (and should have liked it to be), but hey...it's all about being real and I feel great! This evening I went for a 6 mile run on the treadmill too, as I haven't exercised for a couple weeks since I was preoccupied at the soundboard.

Eat something good for me!

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