Monday, September 8, 2008

Strawberries Galore

If any of you have made the Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake, you'll probably realize that there is a little extra cheesecake filling. Besides the ample amount of taste testing (one of the best parts) needed...I used the extra for smothering onto fresh strawberries and then topped that with blueberries. It was a perfect dessert...light...yet rich tasting.

But I still had extra, despite even more taste I dipped whole strawberries into the cheesecake cream and ate them like that. I think of it as a more gourmet version of chocolate dipped strawberries.

And...guess what? I still had a little bit extra, so...I added chopped almonds into a little, tiny bowl and had the chocolate cheesecake cream over that. One of the nicest nibbles ever.

But you don't have to do that, with this specific recipe...find any cheesecake cream you like, perhaps a pudding you love, or even some gourmet-type, sweet smoothie and let your imagination fly! Check out Gone Raw and drift around for a good recipe that is adaptable to heaps of others. That's one of the fun things about raw food...there's SO much room for creativity!

It's Anne-Marie and I 12th day raw...and we're having fun. Tonight we're having a raw chili while the rest of the family has steak. Despite the fun of eating something as lovely as raw chili, I still hope our organic, home-grown steak doesn't smell too enticing, lol.

Next time...I'll post one of the most amazing recipes ever (I think) for a strawberry smoothie. Simple, but so deliciously complex in flavour. Till then...


Aimee (Bitt) said...

Looks good!

What do you mean by home-grown steak? Sorry but this ethical vegan is having scary images in my head!

shannonmarie said...

I love finding creative ways to use up leftovers and extra ingredients. I never let anything go to waste.

Glad to hear you've reached 12 days raw together. I'm sure you'll be celebrating many more days raw in the future. Good luck :-)

Charissa said...

Aimee~ Sorry if I offended the vegans out there...our family has a few cows here in the country, grazing contentedly...we have them for organic beef. Hopefully that's not too scary an image. :)

Shannonmarie~ I know you don't. I love looking at your blog and see how you use things up. So smart.

HiHoRosie said...

Yeah, looks good! Excellent idea to eat up the extra like that.