Friday, May 8, 2009

Half Marathon

I have been aching to do a half-marathon since last fall, since most of my brothers started getting into it...but I wasn't sure I could do it, especially since I wasn't sure I could even run a mile. But once the new year rolled around, I printed out a 10-week half-marathon training plan and stuck to it with more diligence than I thought I had. It really motivated me, but I really over trained as the workout schedule was just too intense for my running level. I ended up with a couple injuries on my foot because of that.

With over three weeks of basically no training or working out (with CD mixing and visiting my sister) the official day came. I was rawwwther nervous, wondering what ON EARTH was I doing!!!? I had not run very much or far for a few weeks (though I certainly tried!), but God really helped me. It was the best run ever...there were more hills than I expected, but it was a rainy, cold day that was quite nice for running...there were water stations every 3 K...and it was just so much fun, altho' I must admit it was really hard on my body. About half way through, I got two painful blisters on my that wasn't fun to live with for the next 6.5 miles, but I managed. The last 3 miles were, to be honest, grueling...the wind was against me and it was raining, but once again, I asked for God's strength and He answered my prayer. What an amazing feeling it was to cross the finishing line.

For my first half-marathon my goal time was to have it done by 2:30:00 and I was thrilled to discover I was just under 2:20:00.

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