Monday, May 18, 2009

Mindless Workouts

Contrary to my last post...I haven't been exercising much lately, simply because I haven't had a stitch of time. We've been doing lots of singing and traveling, so really...I've barely had one day at home (hence lack of posts here).

But I've figured out there's always those little things that I can do, without really a thought about it, that helps me get little workouts in, throughout the day.

When I brush my teeth, I stand on one foot and hold the other one behind me. This is great for stretching your hamstrings and for balance. I alternate legs as I do the top and bottom teeth.

When I floss, I do lunges, alternating legs with top and bottom teeth. Maybe you think it's weird to do this, but who cares?

When I'm blending up the family's almond milk I've made it a habit to do about 50 toe raises (which are really great for your calves).

There's heaps of little things you can do...tighten your stomach muscles while driving, deep breathing while you're waiting for your appointment, or even just timing yourself for 5 minutes to get your sit ups in.

What do you do for your mindless workouts?

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