Thursday, December 27, 2007

A New Year....

My first post...yay! I've been wanting to do a raw blog for a while now, but life is busy (as I'm sure many can attest to).
I'm a gal who loves the Lord Jesus and what He has done for me and I live because and for Him! I’m seeking to live the purest, most beautiful life that I can and I think one of those ways, is eating healthy. I love, love, love raw food and that makes up most of my at-home diet. I love the gorgeous foods that God has given to us and some creatively made, the superfoods, the succulent peach, the creamy avacado…they’re all beautiful gifts from God. I love working with raw food, making creative, scrummy living food. My passions lie with a healthy lifestyle, raw and living food, writing, art, my music (our family sings together) and living a beautiful life.
I've been pretty much totally raw for over thirty days (as well as on and off for the past couple of years), apart from some Christmas festivities. But this next year, starting January 1st I'm going to try to do 100% raw till June, which is about five months (I've already started about a month, but I want to purify my food choices even more). After that, I want to continue eating mostly raw and anything else I eat to be extremely healthy food, raw or not. I think most of our diet should be raw. There's something about starting a new year that inspires one to try very hard to do one's best in the area of goals, so let's use that to our advantage!
I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post, but hopefully regularly. I imagine that during the new year it will be more often...this Christmas holiday tends to be so full of events and family fun.