Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Rating System and Temptation...(if you must have something not raw)

A practical tip for today... (and no, the above cookies aren't raw)

There are certainly times when those who aren't exclusive raw fooders have some cooked food or some "cheat" snack. And I have nothing against that in the least, (everyone is in their own stage of the journey of health, which should be celebrated not judged), and I do that too...but it's easy once you start "snacking" to eat a bunch of half-rated things and go overboard and your vision for raw and healthy eating becomes a little blurred.

Here's a little system that helps me. If you've decided you're really ok about eating something small that's perhaps not good for you or not raw, wait! and rate it first. From a scale of 1-10, how much do you really want to eat it? If that piece of pull taffy isn't a 9 or a 10 then by all means DON'T eat it!!! Instead of eating that, when you don't need or really want it, go for that piece of gooey brownie you've drooled over all evening that you'd rate a definite 10. Let that be your "cheat" and then go right back to eating your raw and healthy food. Rate'll save you from eating stuff you really don't want and keep things more in control. Better yet...replace those things that you crave cooked with a raw counterpart.