Monday, December 31, 2007

Raw Goals

I'm so excited about tomorrow! Though I get excited about health in general, raw foods really get me going! Tomorrow I begin an exclusively raw over five month journey (my biggest goal). I love how I feel when I eat raw, I love the freedom I feel, I love the way I have energy and feel so light...I love everything about a raw lifestyle and tomorrow I get to be back in that groove again! Yay!

There are some things in the past that when I've thought myself to be totally raw that I've eaten that aren't raw. Here's a little list I've compiled of things I don't want to allow myself during these next five months (this better keep me accountable):

  • any nuts that have been roasted or flavoured

  • tofu

  • store bought dips and dressings that are just "toxins" and "fat"

Some of my excersise goals would be:

  • jog, take walks, do pilates and stretches, and do the treadmill (at least one of those 5-6 days a week)

And because I'm human, here's my one and only cheat that I'm allowing myself during this time...

  • Booster Juice, I love that place and where I live it's the only real healthy place to get smoothies, so while my family has fast food I can still guzzle up something mostly raw and still healthy. Still, I'm always suggesting they bring in Lara Bars or Smart Monkey for their snack department.

So what about you? What are some of your goals? Today is that day of the year when everyone writes out their hopes for New Year and it's a good idea. Make it fun...get out your pencils and gel pens and put a cozy mug of tea by your side.


Honeysuckle said...

Just so you know... Booster juice workers are sometimes willing to make very custom smoothies... I got them to use fresh OJ, bananas and berries only! All raw! If you ask them, you can get yourself something wonderful that wouldn't be straying at all!

Charissa said...

Thanks Honeysuckle! I've thought about that, but I want to ask about that next time. Is it the same price still or cheaper?

Honeysuckle said...

It's usually either same price or a bit more, depends on who's selling... One time I had a raw foodie (!) make it for me and he charged me for a regular smoothie. I also got stuck with idiots who would charge me for every single ingredient and yet still had to be explained sloooowwwlly what I want.

Charissa said...

Ok, thanks Honeysuckle! Good to know.