Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just Thoughts...

Yesterday was absolutely sublime...I broke the Master Cleanse with orange juice and a whole orange. My family had actually gotten me organic oranges...I didn't even ask for them. Mwah! My family is so sweet.
During the day I just ate small increments of different foods, lots of fruit...and that was good and my tummy was definitely happy with that. It's so happy to be eating again, lol.
I'm in a recipe mode right now...just wanting to make tons of different, fun things. I "bookmarked" tons of recipes off Gone Raw that I'm dying to make, as well as other fun, healthy recipes. I guess it's because I haven't had food for a while.
Today my family and I are going to have a long bike ride and then a picnic dinner where we end up. It'll be super sister Lizzy is getting married in 6 days, so we're trying to make these last few days really memorable. How I'm going to miss her! My sisters are my best friends and it's really hard having Elizabeth leave, especially so far.
After completing the Master Cleanse I really want to incorporate more cayenne pepper into my diet (love the spice!). It's fun even just adding it to a hot drink because you're already drinking something hot, so you barely notice it and you get all the health and metabolism/circulation benefits from the cayenne.
It's I better scramble.


Paulina said...

I'm curious - is cayenne spicy?? I've never had it before.

Can't wait to see what raw goodies you end up making!

HiHoRosie said...

Hey Pretty Girl! Congrats on your 10-day fast. It was great to follow along. Hope you're enjoying this time with your sis. And I agree sisters are the best! Hope my brothers don't read this. ;) And yeah, love the cayenne. Love having a "kick."

Charissa said...

Paulina~ Yup, cayenne is super hot. Perfectly mexican and really fun to use, as long as you don't have too much, lol.

Heidi~ Thanks! It feels good to be done. Lol, you're refreshingly's true a girl, sisters just have that SPECIAL bond brothers can't quite do, lol, even tho' they're the best of friends too. :)