Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Reason

Today is my 100th post here on Raw Royalty. Yay! Because of this momentous occasion, lol, (ok...maybe it's not that monumental) I'll just tell you why I call my blog what I do.

No. 1. I like the sound of it, don't you?

No. 2. RAW...Because I like trying to eat lots and lots of raw, and I think the more of it the better and more healthful a life you will live. ROYALTY...Because that's what I am! I'm an adopted daughter of the King, Jesus Christ. He's the reason I live and I'm so honored to be His Princess.

So there you have it...

Sometime I want to buy a plain purple or green shirt, take it to a shop, and then get the words RAW ROYALTY printed on it...I think that would be the funnest thing ever.

Today I'm doing the "cleanse" or "detox" for this month (and tomorrow). I've done one (short and long) every month since the beginning of this year. Now I've just been having fresh juices, tea, and a Metabolism Booster drink (my's lovely! I'll post the recipe sometime here) for two days (as well as blended citrus, if I want).

Breakfast~ Blended orange juice with honey

Lunch~ MB (metabolism booster drink)

Snacks today~ MB drinks and a lemon blended drink

Supper~ Carrot, celery, and apple juice

I have a gazillion things I want to write and post about, but once again, our life has gotten after tomorrow we're going away for a weekend of singing and then away for two weeks on a trip...but once I'm back expect lots of fun things.

Till then...


HiHoRosie said...

Congrats on 100 entries! I'm only 40 behind you. ha ha!

Enjoy the rest of your week Raw Royalty! 3:-)

Penni said...

You are so precious. I want that recipe for your MB.


Kendra said...

Congrats!! I love your blog. :)

Paulina said...

I love your explanation behind the title of your post :)

Good luck with the cleanse!

Charissa said...

Thanks guys! Blogging has been such fun, especially when there's people like you commenting and encouraging me.

Penni~ When I get home and have time I'll post the MB recipe.

rawleen said...

Congrats on 100 entries!!! I love reading your posts. Okay, what are metabolism boosters? I need some of these!!! Please help me learn!!!
Very nicely put and thoughtful of where your royalty stems! Love it!

shannonmarie said...

Congrats girlie girl. I toast you with my no-egg no-cream to 100 more :-)

jessica said...

hey raw royalty....happy 100!!!


Michelle J said...

Very nice, congrats!!

polycarp said...

If you love the Lord Jesus Christ and you are his daughter and princess, I invite you to this blog. Love your blog by the way. I found because I want to do the salt water cleanse and the master cleanse. Have you done it all? How was it?

grace and peace

Isle Dance said...

So cute!

Colleen (aka "Rawleen") said...

Hey just checking in to see how you are doing. I started a Master Cleanse today. So excited!

RawCaribe├▒a said...

Congrats and God bless from another Christian Canuck living in the greatest province in the country: Ontario!!! Hahaha. Just bugging.

Aimee said...

we miss you. i hope you come back soon!

Charissa said...

Thank you all so much! This blog has been such fun!

Polycarp~ I checked your blog and it's very nice. The MC was a good experience and I'm glad I did it...if I did it again, I would do it less days than I had done. I do recommend it.

Colleen~ Go girl with the MC!

RawCaribena~ You're sweet! Another Canadian, yay!

Aimee~ Thanks! Checked out your blog too, and it looks great.