Saturday, November 15, 2008

Toast to Life

Sometimes I get so hyper about just how wonderful life truly life is full of such beauty, adventure, and fulfillment. Perhaps I'm not a nurse or figure skater with a promising future, or an inventor who'll change the world, but I'm who God made me and when I "bloom where I'm planted" I'm perfectly happy. I see every day is an amazing gift from my Heavenly Father, every minute full of potential and promise.

I certainly look forward to what life will bring, but there is a special joy in just living in the here and now, trying to make each moment count for something.

My former "guest blogger", my sister Anne-Marie just had a birthday yesterday...she is such a sweet heart! A classic example of loving life with passion and gusto! Just being with her makes you want to embrace every good thing that God has given us, live life with an inner joy that manifests itself with a smile and an easy laugh...she's such a dear.

My last post was about the virtues of juicing and's a juice recipe I adapted from "The Juicing Bible", perfect for this cold, fall weather. We have heaps and heaps of apples that are starting to "go" so this is the best way to use them up (as well, as dehydrating them into leather or apple coins, mmmm).

Apple Spice Cocktail

5 apples (mine were small)

1 carrot

2 stalks celery

1-inch piece ginger root

1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg

Juice all but the nutmeg. Stir the nutmeg in your glass and add some ice, if you like it cold. Drink up!

We have lots of apples leftover that need something done to comment below and tell me some of your creative, fresh apple juice recipes. I absolute ADORE trying new recipes. :)

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