Thursday, November 20, 2008

And Charge It Please...

Maybe I'm the only blogger that dotes on Eloise...but I can't help it. Kay Thompson's character is one of the most darling and endearing personalities you could ever read about. True, she is a bit of a mischief maker, but she "absolutely adores" her life, and so makes everything she does fun.

One of my sisters even collects Eloise books, which she then reads to her nieces. They love Eloise. In fact, one of my nieces, who is three, slept with the book, telling herself her own stories of Eloise as she fell asleep. I think collecting special children's books is a great thing to do...our nieces and nephews love my sister's book collection. I've started mine own since then...the children in my life love "book time" with me and if ever I have my own family, I can give them to my own children.

One of the big things that Eloise does, is charge everything she buys with a firm statement..."and charge it please".

I don't charge anything if I can help it, lol...but one thing I am wondering about is "charging water". Apparently, when you "charge" your water, the hydrogen molecules in the water are closer together, which makes the water more polar (electrical), giving your water better quality. I've always know that water was even better for you when you squeezed fresh lemon in your water, or added some mint, but I didn't realize that that is considered as "charging the water"...and frankly, I'm not sure if I believe it. A pinch of salt or MSM crystals are said to do it too.'s also said that putting your water under the moonlight or thinking loving thoughts to your water does it too...which I THINK IS TOTAL BALONEY AND STUPIDNESS, but anyway...what are your thoughts about it?

Anyway, whether or not, the "charging" theory with fruit juices and salts is true, squeezing lemon or lime or a pinch of pink salt in your drinking glass are always good, fun, little ways to keep cleansing your body and help you digest drink up!

Today A-M and I are doing another all-raw day (except there was some good quality yogurt in our green smoothie this morning) so we plan on our favorite chocolate, young coconut pudding tonight. My Daddy is such an one week he brought me home 4 young coconuts and where I live, they ain't cheap. I have such a sweet family.

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