Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Little Goals...Big Changes

I, among millions of others I'm sure, have written out my New Year's Resolutions tonight. But this year, I was a lot more specific than I'm usually. Really, I think that's so valuable. Instead of writing down the usual resolve like "I'm going to be more fit this year", I would write something more like this "I'm going to master my Intermediate Pilate's DVD by the end of this year". When you write down EXACTLY what you want to do, it's so much easier to carry out.

I broke down pretty much ALL my goals into very doable aspirations and I'm really hyped about carrying them out as much as I can.

Sometimes, I think, people that have such big aspirations often forget how to bring them to pass, which would be with small choices. I think of my Dad...he's such a lover of hot chocolate and iced tea, but now he's pretty much given them up entirely. Now he drinks 2-4 mugs of green tea a day. Truly, little changes make a big difference.

Here's some of my new year's goals for 2009...


  • I'm challenging myself to an entire year without refined sugar...this is big for me, because whether or not I'm a health nut or not, there are a few bad foods I often find room for, like frozen yogurt (usually very sugary) or the standard chocolate bars...but NO! This year, I'm getting full of gumption and I'm going to forsake it, except for organic or very dark chocolate bars (because my quality of life would decrease dramatically without it, lol)

  • I'm going to replace my body products (like lotions, makeup, and nail polish) with more natural versions. Pretty near all my stuff already is very natural, but I want to step it up a bit more, especially with my makeup. I also want to learn more how to make my own products and creams (I'm aching to own the new "Green Beauty Guide" book ...Shannonmarie wrote a great review on it, even getting an interview with the author, check it out).

  • I want to work toward a more super-healthy, energy-charged diet...eating WAY more leafy greens and fruits than I do already.


  • I’m going to be more “in the moment” with Jesus, always with Him in everything, depending and trusting in Him. He alone is wise and good…so when I can't see His hand, I’m going trust His heart.

  • I’m going to spend more time with the Lord…with my Bible, prayer notebook, fun pencils, and my tea. I want to know His heart better, deep down. I want Him to share everything with Him.

  • I’m going to love challenges and not let them beat me. I can do anything with God’s help. That doesn't leave much room for doubt or failure.

So what are you New Year's dreams and goals? Little and big? Comment below and tell me. Just writing something down can help make those goals much more attainable. Start small and see what happens.

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