Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow...fonder?

Well, maybe not in the case of blogging...but this time, I actually have a really good reason for not having done a post in a while.

Our family is currently recording a new CD and now that my sister Lizzy is married, I am helping with the producing and recording. It's been very stretching for me, but fun at the same time, since I really love music. We have one more set of recording to do in a few weeks, but for the moment we're done.

As soon as our first set of recording was finished, we headed down to the states for a funeral of a very dear friend of ours, who we've known all our lives pretty much. It was so special to be there, he was an amazing man who passionately loved the Lord. His family was amazing, even rejoicing with smiles at his funeral, simply because they know that their Dad is with Jesus. I've never seen a family like that! He has nine children and all of them are such incredible people with such limitless hope.

Anyway recording and going to that special funeral occupied about 3 weeks of my time, where I simply didn't even have a minute to post...but now I'm back and excited to try and post more regularly.

While we were recording, a few of us here had colds (all year I don't think I had a cold and then...OF COURSE...had to have one when I needed to record my voice!) and so I tried everything I could possibly do to get healthier. I ate up to ten cloves of garlic a day, I drank 2 oz. of organic Noni juice a day, took vitamins, ate a lot of oranges and grapefruit...and even went on a one day Master Cleanse. And you know what? I got slowly better, but not fast enough...but God was so good. I prayed to Him and asked that if He would just heal my voice long enough to record that would be fine. And that's exactly what He did. I'd go to record with a stuffed nose and when I started to sing, it didn't even sound like I had a cold.

Lately, I've been starting to fall in love with raw foods all over again...and I'm stoked about getting more of it in my life.
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