Saturday, May 10, 2008

Best Chocolate Milk Ever!

Yes, I suppose it is rawwwwther a bold title, but though simple, I have never tasted anything so similar to the "real" thing. Almost every night I have sweet cravings before bed and I'm trying not to eat very much after what is my solution? Sweet liquids that pack a powerful punch for health...Juices, tea with honey, or this dreamy concoction. I must say, this is my favorite! It's really nice, because the honey in it has natural sugars that help you go to sleep.

I feel almost silly putting the recipe down because it's so simple.

Real Chocolate Milk (1 glass)

A glass of your favorite nutmilk (I used almond milk, but I think it would taste lovely with a really creamy nut such as macadamia or cashew)

1 heaping tsp. of honey

1 tsp. of organic cocoa

Stir with a spoon and savour each sip.

Note: Don't replace the organic cocoa with cacao powder if you're drinking this at night time. That would keep me awake for hours. I've had experience, lol.

I was so excited because the other day I discovered that the brand of fair trade, organic cocoa that I had bought also was sold in bulk in that same half the price!!! I was so happy, because often organic products are more pricey. I can enjoy my chocolate!


Isle Dance said...

Oh, yum! Thanks for posting this. What treat! :o)

raw_veganlondoner said...

Yum lovely!! I had a banana version of this in the morning!! bliss!

HiHoRosie said...

I had one made with cashew milk and you're right, it is the best chocolate milk ever! You're not kidding - I'm not kidding! I was amazed at how awesome it was. I seriously wanted to feel guilty but I knew it was gooooood. :) Thanks for posting the recipe because I've been wanting to make it myself. I can't wait!

Charissa said...

Isle Dance~ Glad you like it!

Raw Vegan Londoner~ Mmmm, that sounds good too. Divine.

Heidi~ Cashew milk! I'll have to make it...mmmm, that sounds like it would be super-ultra creamy. I'm a goer for anything creamy! I know, you really want to feel guilty, it's that good.