Friday, May 23, 2008


DAY 2 and 3

Everything is going so well...I'm actually LOVING this cleanse. I never thought I would LOVE it, but I am. It's exciting to see the little detox signs like sore throat (first two mornings), fuzzy feeling teeth (even though I haven't eaten anything), and a white tongue (despite me brushing every night, which I nearly always do). I feel really good. I feel lighter (because I am). I've lost 7 pounds in 2 days...but don't get concerned, I'm not a gal who's really concerned about my weight, I go by how I feel, not the number on the scale. Some of my clothes are fitting much better, which was one of the many reasons I wanted to do it. I've gained quite a few pounds since our singing tour and wanted to get back to the weight where I feel comfortable at...because of my height (I'm almost 5' 11"), hardly anyone would be able to notice me gaining or losing weight, just me, lol. I really think it's a good principle to go by how you feel, look at your weight realistically (not trying to be like a skinny model), and not be obsessed by being at a certain number on your weigh scale.

Yesterday I tried "lime-a-nade", that was really nice too. We were shopping all day yesterday (which is why I didn't post) and those are always the hardest days for me when I'm doing a detox or cleanse. Food is EVERYWHERE! But it was still a great day...we picked up some organic cayenne, some more lemons and limes (organic and non-organic) so that I'll be super stocked. I feel like now that the 1st and 2nd days are behind me, it's not very hard to be doing this. I'm enjoying it!! I feel really good, not tired, not weak, and not emotional. Water fasting makes me soooo hungry, but this keeps me feeling light, yet fulfilled.

Yes, I'm excited about food, but right now...since it's not an option, I'm not even that attracted it. I love the lemonade and the fact that I can enjoy herbal teas and lots of water.

Today I'm going to be doing the salt flush (part of the whole cleanse thing), so we'll see how that goes. It feels so good to know that my body is getting cleaner and cleaner inside with each passing day.


HiHoRosie said...

Hiya Charissa! I have no doubt you're looking gorgeous and glowing as ever these days! You're a strong woman but you're inspiring me....I'm at least, THINKING about doing this detox but I think on a smaller scale. :) I love love love limes! So yummy and refreshing. Anyway, keep it up my dear - you're doing awesome!

Charissa said...

Thanks Heidi! Thanks for the encouragement, though it's going well, I need it! :) I definitely reccomend this cleanse, nothing I've ever done has ever been this effective, as far as cleanses. But I've never gone this long without food in my life, so that's a switch. You should try it for 3-5 days. XOXOXO Big hug!