Friday, May 9, 2008

Raw Reasons

Just some fun, inspiring reasons for raw...

~Energetic…amazing energy, waking up in the morning ready to go

~Rarely feel ups and downs in energy during the day

~Light and lovely, at my ideal weight

~Glowing and clearer skin

~More graceful and strong

~A more natural way of life

~Bright, shining, clear eyes, the window of our souls

~Deep, satisfying sleep every night

~Sparkly, joyful attitude (foods do help moods)

~Inspiring and motivating

~EXCITED about eating super healthy and living a glowing, euphoric life…whether it’s juicing, feeling light and empty in the morning, the thought of green smoothies and fruit, growing the organic food I eat, or twirling in the early morning sunrise.

Okay, you can tell I added my own little spin on things I like about a more raw and pure lifestyle...especially the twirling in the mornings part, lol.


HiHoRosie said... said it all! I love feeling lighter - I don't mean weight necessarily but not being weighed down by heavy foods. Of course I love being lighter, meaning the weight I've lost. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading the "twirling in the morning" reason! I'll have to give that a try some morning! ;-)

My biggest raw reason is the moments of pure bliss that I feel. That wasn't one of my reasons for going raw, since I had no idea I'd feel so blissful. But, it's one of my reasons for staying raw!

Thanks for sharing! I'm sure your list could go on forever!

Lots of love to you!

Wendi Dee

p.s. there's no option for name/url for comments, so I have to use a very old livejournal account.

Isle Dance said...

Very sweet and true! Good for you! If every non-raw person just added a green smoothie and one raw dessert each day to their life, they'd soon get it too. :o)

Charissa said...

Heidi~ I know exactly what you mean...just that light feeling inside. Lovely.

Wendi~ You're funny. Do try twirling, that will add to your feeling of bliss. :0)

Isle Dance~ Here! Here! I like what you say, tell the world!

Isle Dance said...

Thanks. Done. LOL. I was gabbing with a friend and hope my most recent post inspires her (and tons others). :o)

Charissa said...

Isle Dance~ Loved that post you were talking great!