Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celery Cocktail

I don't know why those lovely snack callings come every evening...perhaps it's because when I was little I was very adamant about a bedtime snack, especially my favorite, chocolate chips and milk. It was one of those comforting little rituals that told me it was bedtime. I still can't give up the habit, and I don't really want to. Now, when I don't have small snacks...I try to drink tea or other "nummy" drinks, as my last post declared.

On one of my last snack attacks which I had no intention of conquering came, I opted for a different drink, with more of a veggie twist. For those who own the famous Vita-Mix, you know that it come with a fantastic recipe book full of whole food and raw food recipes. One of which, caught my eye...the Celery Cocktail! Sublime and sweet...

Celery Cocktail (from Whole Food Recipes by Vita-Mix)

1 c. apple juice, chilled

1 TB. lemon juice

2 big ribs of celery, with leaves (save a small slice for garnishing)

1 c. ice cubes

That's all there is to it! Blend, garnish, and suck it up through a straw or savour with a spoon.

Yesterday was one of the greenest days I've had...breakfast was a big, superfood smoothie poured over even more superfoods and fruit (eaten like cereal), lunch was a big salad with a dressing I tried that had an entire bunch of parsley in it (as healthy as a green smoothie, methinks) and then for supper I had even more salad (massaged with olive oil and Celtic sea salt - too good!). Even though I loved the quick "dressing" I had over my green leaves...I was a little tired of salads, so I had some of the healthy dinner that my family had as well, which was fine. My body feels often just as vibrant on some super healthy cooked foods as well as raw (I am looking forward to trying some of Natalia Rose's recipes), I just have to be careful to eat really healthy stuff, rather than "on-the-border" foods. I like to eat mostly raw, a high-raw lifestyle, and feel really good there.

My posts have been rawwwwther sporadic lately. Our life is a circus currently and so many other things besides raw food are on my mind. Goodness gracious! My sister is getting married in 24 days and wedding preparations are on the "high" much to do, it's absolutely crazy.

Oh, and you'll be pleased to know that I got brave again and donated blood for the second time! Hurrah for me...unfortunately, I guess I didn't drink enough water for them a couple days beforehand (maybe 5-6 glasses) and because of that the needle wasn't working as it should have. They had to keep readjusting the needle in my vein and that was not pleasant at all, lol. I've found out that my blood type is B+ (isn't that cute? Be positive!) and only 7.46% of the population have it, so my blood type is one of the rarer kinds. I've decided it would be fun if I could donate 100 times in my lifetime. We'll see what happens, but for now...I'm bracing myself for number 3! ;)


HiHoRosie said...

Oh the blood bank! I get scared sometimes because like you one time, they couldn't find my vein so the dug and dug around (went thru it apparently) and then did the same on my other arm so yeah, walked out of there with bandages and bruises on both arms! Aside from that one bad experience I try to go.

And I love celery! I haven't even thought about those recipes from the Vitamix book. Good call Charissa!

Penni said...

I love ARE B+!! The Celery cocktail sounds simply delicious, and that concoction is right up this juicy girl's alley! Thanks so much for sharing and way to go on your green day of food choices!!


Charissa said...

Heidi~ Oh, that's awful! I wouldn't take kindly to that...ouchie!

Do you have that Vita-Mix book too? Awesome. I love lots of their recipes.

Penni~ Hope you could in some way enjoy you juice everything or blend a little whole foods? Thanks for the encouragement! ;)