Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Day 1

It's going well...I was half afraid to try the lemonade once it was made, but I like I have a feeling that in a couple days I will not like the cayenne taste at all. It's fun and spicy and so now, I'm loving it. It's amazing how it fulfills your hunger. Simple water fasting seems to make me suffer in hunger and salivate over pictures of food, but this makes me feel light and nice, not really that hungry.

I drank loads of water along with it and tomorrow (as we're going to town) I'll pick up some more lemons and (limes?) some organic cayenne, oh, and some tea.

I did some dry brushing this morning and tried to do some more deep breathing. Both of these things are incredible for your cleansing process. I'm in a hurry at the moment or I'd spent a few minutes writing down some of the great things about them.

So till tomorrow...


HiHoRosie said...

Sounds like things are going along swimmingly! I'm interested in hearing more about your experiences.

Lesley Anne said...

Good Luck! Sounds really exciting, I love dry brushing now. Wasn't such a fan at first but the more I made it a habit I feel itchy with out doing it.

Penni said...

Just stopping by to check on the little master cleanser....hope you're doing well on Day 3 now. I feel like having a little MC myself right about now. Happy long weekend!


Charissa said...

Heidi~ They are! I'm loving it (never thought I'd hear myself say that, lol)

Lesley Anne~ Glad to meet a fellow dry brusher, lol. Thanks so much for visiting my site.

Penni~ Thanks for the well wishes...I am doing great! I admire you...this may not be juice feat, but you've done that for so long. Your example alone is good enough for me to complete 10 days...which I'm excited about!