Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All Done

Those were 3 short days, but it was fun. Yesterday I ate loads of fruit and today I broke the fruit feast with Raw Cocoa Crispies with coined bananas and fresh almond milk. I probably should have had a Green Smoothie, because I haven't eaten greens in the past few days, but I'm afraid I just didn't want one. But I had a salad at lunch today and will probably have some for some of my supper too.

Probably everyone has made this classic, fruit shake...but in case you haven't here's a lovely snack that I had for breakfast yesterday...

Simple but Sweet

2 oranges, peeled

1 banana


Blend in the Vita-Mix and pour into a tall glass, garnishing with an orange wedge and a fun straw.

It tastes like summer in a glass. Speaking of summer, the sun has been shining with such brilliancy these last couple days (minus today and yesterday) and I've been soaking up every beam of sunlight I can. I'm even starting to get a tan (yay!). I think my sisters are jealous, lol, they're the best!

Dreaming of summer...


Kristen's Raw said...

I love oranges and bananas! Throw in some pineapple and coconut and I'm transported to the islands :)


HiHoRosie said...

Sounds refreshing right now. Wish I had a blender at work right now! Oh and some bananas and oranges. :)

Congrats on successfully completing your fruit feast. Now I'm sure you're sweeter than ever!!!

Charissa said...

Kristen~ That's definately what I want now. So going to do that...soon as I get a pineapple, so simple but delightful.

Heidi~ You should get a Magic Bullet for work or something, lol. And thank you! Fruit cleansing is fun, but believe me, I have lots more I could do to get "sweeter". You're a dear.