Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Singing

This post has nothing to do with raw food, but a couple people were interested in our family's singing (as we just got back from a 3-week tour), so I promised I'd post a few singing pics. Here they are! Above...not anything official. We were just waiting for the man to unlock the church's door (we thought he was late), so we decided to use our time "wisely" while we waited. Good memories.

Next: Raw chocolate! ;)


HiHoRosie said...

Looks like a good time and wonderful experience. And even better that you were able to share it with family. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

Charissa said...

It was!!! And your welcome. ;0) Have a lovey evening! XOX

rawleen said...

So cool! I'd love to hear your music. Do you have it on Utube or anything? I love banjo, fiddle, acoustic styles. What a great passion to share with your family!