Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scrummy Cereal Bars

A few days ago...I was craving sweets desperately. And this was the result...and I tell ya, I'm making it again. These seriously taste like the typical cereal or popcorn bars that everyone always brings to your average potluck, or you know, the recipes that are always on the back of cereal boxes or peanut butter jars. In fact, that's where the inspiration came from...I just rawified one of those SAD favorites. Hope you enjoy!
Sticky Cereal Slices
3/4 c. of liquid honey (or agave if you're vegan)
2/3 c. raw peanut butter (or do what I did, using organic peanut butter, which is just ground up peanuts)
Combine the two, mixing well. And then mix the following into it.
3 c. of raw cereal or granola (the simpler the better, something like "Buckwheat Crispies")
1/2 c. of shredded, unsweetened coconut
1/2 c. dried cranberries
1/4 c. raisins
Toss together and then place in a lightly oiled (coconut oil or olive oil) 8" square pan. Freeze until firm and then slice. Makes 16 squares roughly.
After I placed the squares in the pan I added a Carob Syrup (just carob and maple syrup mixed) over top. Totally scrummy!
And because I'm giving you a really sweet treat recipe, I'll give you something to balance you out. Admit it. Most of us eat too many sweets, raw or not, so here is something that is an example of a better daily staple.
I was totally surprised how good this actually tasted.
Really Romaine
1 head of romaine lettuce
Put this in your blender with a little water, until the Romaine is totally liquid. Then add the following:
1 banana
2 TB. of raw honey (or agave)
1/2 ice cube tray of ice
Blend and enjoy.
That's what I had yesterday, but this morning I made it without the banana and it was still really good, just with the Romaine and honey. Simple, but lovely.
"Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication..."


Paulina said...

Oh my gosh, those cereal bars look absolutely divine! I've been craving sweets like mad lately too so this looks like a really nice recipe.

Penni said...

These cereal bars look great and I needed an idea of something great to make for my family and this is a perfect healthy idea! Hope you are doing well....loving your blog, as usual!


Charissa said...

Paulina~ Thanks, hope you enjoy it! I had fun making them and sampling them. ;0)

Penni~ You really are a dear! Hope your family likes them. Every passing day you look more and more radiant! :0)

Anna said...

These look spectacular!!!

Charissa said...

Awww, thanks Anna. You came and visited my cyber space. Love ya!

HiHoRosie said...

Those are cereal bars?!?! Those look like sinfully delicious brownies! I want some! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'm adding this to my list of things to make. They look too good to pass up.

Charissa said...

I hope they live up to your expectations Heidi!I sure liked them. :0)

rawleen said...

These look out of this world! I have some Amazon Peanuts I've been thinking how to use. Maybe I'll use them for this!!!

Charissa said...

Mmmm, real peanuts. Sounds lovely.