Sunday, April 27, 2008

Juicy Fruit Cleanse

And no, I'm not talking about the gum. Every month of this year I have succeeded in doing some sort of cleanse or detox so I wasn't about to let April slip away without my doing one. I think it's been a great habit to keep up with, just to have a time of limits on food (anyone who had done a detox knows how good it is to eat afterwards), rest (if that's possible in this house), and get priorities back into shape.

Because fruit is one of the best catabolic (speeds up cleansing or detoxifying) foods, I have chosen it to be the subject of my 3-day cleanse. My sister-in-love and my brother did this once, making my brother say, "You don't know how sweet fruit is after 3 days." I guess I'll find out.

I have been drinking lemon water (often with stevia added) every morning for the past few days. I'll sometimes drink an entire quart of it before breakfast. It's so easy to drink lots of water when I just carry my quart-jar around all day. About 8 or so days ago I started taking MSM for the first time. I'll be taking it 50 days until the bottle is empty and see how I feel about it then. I know many people are crazy about it and all the benefits, but some others after taking it, haven't noticed much at all. We'll see how my body responds.

Breakfast~ 2 oranges and 2 apples

Lunch~ cucumbers (There was a potluck after church and I thought someone would bring fruit, alas, they did not. I ate cucumbers thinking it the best replacement)

Snack~ 1 young coconut

Supper~ Not sure yet, but I'll probably have some sort of fruit shake, drink, or sorbet

Oh, and if you have any MSM success stories, please comment and tell me what you like about it.


Penni said...

Hi Sweetie!

I have been on MSM religiously since beginning my juice feast on March 1st, so that's about 60 days. I have never seen my nails grow so quickly and so strong as they are now. AS a former manicurist, I would highly recommend it to anyone with any kind of weakened nails, skin or hair issue. I take 6 - 10 capsules daily.

Enjoy your fruit cleanse!

Raw Bliss said...

Hi Charissa!

Mmm. Maybe I'll do a fruit cleanse right along with you! I wonder if I could just eat fruit...hehe!

I'm one of those people who haven't noticed a big difference after taking MSM. My nails have become harder, but that's about it. Also, I found out the hard way about taking too much. Which was 4 grams for me. Ick! That was soooo awful.

Charissa said...

Penni~ So neat that it works so awesomely for you. Hope it does for me too. Maybe it does. I have to tweeze my eyebrows more often, but I don't see this as an advantage. :0)

Raw Bliss~ Do join me! That'll be fun. Three days isn't much. :0) I'm only taking 2 capsules a day so it shouldn't be a worry of me taking too much. At least your nails are harder. ;)