Tuesday, April 1, 2008

On Tour ~ Grand Canyon

Just wanted to post some quick pictures from our latest escapade. We've been having the most wonderful time EVER! We've met loads of wonderful people, sang quite a few times already, toured the sites (when we have time, which is rare, lol), and are having the most incredible time as a family. Today we found time to visit Grand Canyon and all I can say is "Wow!" It is gorgeous! God has created such a beautiful world, hasn't He?
I can't say that I'm eating all raw on this trip, but I am eating really healthy (and raw), which means a lot of natural and organic food, so that's good. I've been really quite careful about what I eat and so it's been a fun adventure. I'm the kind of girl that loves experimenting and trying new things, especially while on vacations/singing tours, so I'm not giving myself many rules concerning food...just trying to stick to healthy guidelines and be careful. I'm so glad that people all over are becoming more health-conscious in general, this gives me so many more options in restaurants or even fast-food places (most sell salad, whatever the quality...it's a GREAT step!). Anywhoo, I'm having a wonderful time (but missing reading all of your blogs...Internet access is very limited due to our busy-ness) and enjoying every minute travelling. I want to find time to post again (some singing and concert pics perhaps?) so hopefully it'll be soon. In the meantime, I need to get some shut-eye. We're singing tomorrow and I need to be rested. Enjoy the pictures!


HiHoRosie said...

Gorgeous photos! Good to hear from you knowing you're having a great time. Look forward to the lowdown.

shannonmarie said...

What a wonderful surprise. I didn't think I'd hear from you on your blog for a while, but something told me I should stop by. The pics are beautiful :-)

VegTeen for Christ said...

Looks like your having a fun trip! Indeed God had made such a beautiful world, his presence is just so apparent in nature!


Charissa said...

Glad you like the pics! I am having a beautiful time, almost surreal. Thanks guys!

Whenever I have extra time on the PC (which is rare) I keep checking your blogs! :0)