Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The 7-day Diva Detox

Well, I'm at it again. Perhaps it's the somewhat-guilty feeling from not doing the juice feasting that is driving me to do this, as it seems like that's what everyone else is doing. (actually, I don't feel that guilty, lol) No, I think it's because so far I've done one detox per month since the beginning of 2008 (yes, I know it's only been 2 months) and I want to continue doing that. Gotta keep a good thing going! Besides I think my body needs a cleansing time (my family might disagree, they think my body should be probably pretty clean by now, lol) January was a 7-day Green Smoothie Cleanse and February was a 3-day Grapefruits Detox and this month, in the merry month of March I'm doing the 7-Day Diva Detox. I haven't done this one before and was so excited to sign up and see all the goodies that had waiting for me. A print out "book" telling me all about it, a fitness and food journal, and an inspirational day by day checkoff list. Tomorrow after dinner, I start with a 24 hour water fast, broken at dinner the next day. This is going to be fun! (Then again, I think everything starts out fun)

Menu for today:
B~ Green smoothie and a Pop Tart (thank you, Shannonmarie!)
L~ 1 Avacado with Hollandaise Sauce (from Ani Phyo's book) and snacked absently on some nuts
D~ A sunflower seed pate with Hollandaise Sauce rolled up with veggies in Romaine leaves


Keely said...

You will LOVE The 7 Day Diva Detox!!! That is what lead me to raw foods!!! Do make sure that you take advantage of The Powder Room forum. You'll meet lots of great divas there!!!

Charissa said...

Thanks Keely! You're the only one I've message in the Powder Room.

But it is exciting...I thought at first this cleanse was just for beginning raw people, doing just "raw" in general and that's why I didn't do it, but it looks really good to me!!!

Andrew said...

hey charissa,

Isn't the poptart recipe by Sarma? I was talking with Kristen Suzanne the other day, and she thinks it is also. anyways, I have a chocolate version coming soon. keep ya posted.

Much love and peace,

-Drew Stevens