Friday, March 21, 2008

My Raw Birthday Party!

Yesterday was the most fantastic day ever! My family (those are my siblings, my sister-in-love Rebecca, my niece Karina, and my best friend and cousin Emily above) spoiled me in a completely acceptable way and I David Wolfe would say..."the best day ever!" :0) I was a little bit nervous hoping that ALL of my family would like the meal and the dessert. I need not have worried...they loved it!!! That just made my day!

We had all sorts of toppings for the main meal: big bowls of mixed greens, romaine, and coleslaw, "raw corn chips", "fried mushrooms", "taco meat", celery, green pepper, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, sprouts, carrots, Vidalia onion, radishes, green onion, "Green Delight" dressing, and "Catalina Dressing". It was very filling and I stopped after one big plate. It was so funny my family was really hyper after the meal, I'm serious...we were laughing so hard and having such a good time.

Here's the famous cheesecake! It tasted incredible and my family LOVED it! They all wanted a second piece. (There's only one piece left and I'm afraid it's mine! ;0) I sprinkled the top of the cake with cocoa and lucuma powder and then after we cut it, we drizzled it with raw chocolate sauce.

I wanted to show you the creamy texture of the cheesecake... (sigh) so good!

This is me and my wonderful Grandparents! God gave me the most awesome heritage! I'm so glad we have the privilege of having them live with us.

After dinner, I opened my presents. I won't tell you all of them, but I will say about the gifts that are more "health" related quickly. Mom and Dad gave me a Pilates Mat...wahooo! I was so excited because what I use right now is so short and I happen to be tall at 5' 10 and 1/2"! Hopefully I'll have time to try the mat out today. And then, a dear friend of our family's gave me a really awesome book called "The Juicing Bible" (the 2nd edition)! That got me really excited too, as I only have one little juicing book and it's definitely something I want to get more into, especially in the summer with all that lovely, extra produce from our own garden. My best friend, Emily gave me $15 certificates for Booster Juice! Yay! ...SO that's some of the awesome gifts I got (they really blessed me...aren't birthday's fun? lol)

During games in the evening we munched on Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies, even dipping them in the left over chocolate sauce (from the cheesecake). I was really surprised, my one brother (who is not into this whole "raw" thing) even liked them and admitted it. :0) He's not that crazy about cheesecake, but he really liked the cheesecake I made.

It was an awesome day leaving me with one thought: "I love my family!"


Raw Faith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! are you an Aries as well???? My bday is on the 25th!!! Yay for March birthdays! LOL. You look absolutely beautiful!!!
It sounds like you had a great party.... and the food looks amaaazing!!!!!! I'm getting hungry just looking at it! LOL.

By the way -- I added your blog on my favorite lists. I check it daily. Your an amazing person and I love your posts!! ooh and I filled out my 5 random things, by the way :-)

Paulina said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you enjoyed it :)

rawleen said...

You have a beautiful family! Our b-days are only days apart (mine was on the 17th). What a wonderful way to spend your special day! All the food you lovingly prepared looks delicious and the cheesecake looks simply amazing!!!! I want to jump into the computer and take a bite!!!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Birthday! I'm also a March baby, mine was the 2nd. Hope you have a great weekend! ~Melinda

Rediscover Raw Food said...

Beautiful family!

HiHoRosie said...

Happy birthday my dear! The food, the company, and you all look great! I'm going to have to try that Catalina dressing next time on my taco salad.

shannonmarie said...

It does sound like you had the best day ever. I just love when the whole family gets involved.

Charissa said...

Britanie~ Awww, you seriously made my day! You're so sweet and I'm not just saying that! I actually don't really know what Aries is, because I don't do horoscopes. So glad you like my blog, I'm always happy when you have a new post too! Happy Early Birthday girl! Not too far to go!

Paulina, Heidi, and Shannonmarie~ Thanks so much! My day was so special and your comments made everything so much nicer.

Rawleen and Melinda~ How fun, you just had your birthdays! We're all March babies! Too fun. I always tell my family that I brought spring into the world. :0)

Rediscover Raw Food and Rawleen~ Thank you! I can't take credit for my family, but I must say, I'm sure glad put me in this family, but I'm sure you all feel the same way. :0)

Penni said...

I am so sorry I missed your birthday, beautiful one! HAPPY BELATED TO YOU! You are such a dear. I loved what you said about how it's a privilege to have your grandparents living with you. That is so precious and thay too are blessed to have such a marvelous family surrounding them.

Much love to you on your birthday week!


Charissa said...

Thanks Penni! You're a dear, so encouraging and uplifting.
Big hugs!

MrsChariM said...

Happy Birthday- many days late!

The "Michael's Famous Cheesecake" is from my recipe at Gone Raw. I'm so pleased you made it, liked it, & made your own "Famous" changes to it! Yippee!

God is good to His girls! Amen!

Healing More Daily~