Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Girl's Day Out

Today was yet another day in the city...only this time, it wasn't for groceries. My sister Lizzy had her first wedding dress fitting (she looks so beautiful!) and so us gals decided to make the day of it. We got makeup lessons, shopped at an antique store (Bueller would like that, lol), went out to a restaurant, did some fun shopping that only girls can appreciate...and had the most wonderful day ever! I adore my sisters, truly, I do!!!

The beautiful drink I had at our "lunch" was a Red Raspberry Lemonade. No, I'm certain it wasn't raw, but I must say...as soon as we have fresh raspberries around here, I'm simply itching to make it raw. I love revamping recipes to make them super duper healthy!

My sisters and I...aren't Lizzy and Anne-Marie beautiful!? I love my sisters! ;0)

Oh, and as for the Green Challenge that I did yesterday...well, I must confess, I did have some of the traditional Irish Baking Soda Brown Bread that my sister made from scratch, and then I forgot momentarily about my Green Challenge and had some cantaloupe before bed. Well, every other thing I ate yesterday was green, I must say. Even the salad dressing was green. I tell you...I'm quite certain green salad dressings are going to be the next big thing in the raw food scene. They sure are good! Tomorrow is my Birthday-Eve, so expect a totally RAW birthday menu to be posted!!! Yes sir, I'm going to have an ALL-RAW birthday party, whether or not people like it, lol! But I'm quite sure everyone will like it!

Till tomorrow...


HiHoRosie said...

You are all so beautiful! How fun to get out with your sisters. I LOVE being with my sister - we always have so much fun together.

So your birthday is coming up...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *<:-D

Melinda said...

Sounds like a fun day out with your sisters! And you look so beautiful with your pretty drink!:) Happy Early Birthday!!!!

Michelle J said...

Very beautiful ladies you all are!!! I to love spending quality time with my sister! Family ROCKS!!!

Charissa said...

Heidi~ Thanks! I know what you mean...sister's are a blast! Thanks for the well wishes!

Melinda~ You're too kind. I know I'll have a super fun b-day.

Michell J~ Thanks a lot! Family is the best, isn't it??

Raw Faith said...

You and your sisters are GORGEOUS!!!


Charissa said...

Thanks Britanie! You're making us blush. :0)