Thursday, March 6, 2008

Raw Diva Detox ~ Day 1

So far so good. I started last night, stopping eating after 6:30. The last thing I ate was a raw chocolate cookie, trying to savour every morsel, knowing I would probably want one later. :0)

I drank water till supper and then I ate a mono meal of 2 grapefruits. Oh, you don't know how good that tasted! (sigh) After dinner I did some dry brushing and then had a hot bath. It must've been too hot because I felt weak and unsteady afterwards. So I had another half a grapefruit and felt much better.

I'm enjoying it so far and already, I feel so clean and light inside. I love that feeling.

I listened to the The Raw Diva's teleseminar today and it was so good! The thing that struck me most was what I believe Tera said...that so many people are trying to make all raw food their goal, but you know, that's not the ultimate goal necessarily! The ultimate goal is health!!! Right? I believe in raw food, and loads of it, is a major, major part of health and feeling healthy, but it was such a good reminder. Love the Raw Divas!


Paulina said...

So glad you're loving the Detox plan as I've been wanting to give it a try for the longest time. I'm thinking I'll do it during the summer, when I'm not in school.

Just a question, what is dry brushing? I hear it mentioned on almost all raw blogs!

Charissa said...

You should! I think the whole idea of it is SO Good!

Dry brushing, ah, yes! I remember wondering what that was too. It's simply brushing your body in quick, long strokes with a dry brush (preferably naturaly made) in the right direction of your heart. It is actually a very cleansing thing for your lymph system. Not only that, it is so nice because my whole body gets so exfoilated, and my skin is so smooth and much softer. You should google about it and find out some other cool stuff about it. I didn't get everything! ;0)