Monday, March 10, 2008

Salad with Orange Juice ~ Day 5

We spent a great deal of today pulling up our old garden from last year and cutting down the dead stems. You don't know how good it felt! Spring is just around the corner (and happens to fall on my soon!) and the weather proves it. It's just gorgeous here, so warm, bright, and sunny. I'm very pleased...I think I may have a few small freckles on my nose now. I found the beginnings of parsley and spinach in the garden and tasted a little of both. Now I just can't wait till we can gather produce for real!

I don't think it has anything to do with this cleanse, but I felt sort of weak and shaky this afternoon. I really don't know exactly why, but maybe my body was telling me to just take a bit of a rest or something. Anywhoo, I feel really great now, except rawwwwther starving for din-din. I was looking at recipe magazines before supper and that didn't help. It's so much fun looking through cookbooks and thinking about how you could make them raw. Once this cleanse is done (only 2 more days!) I can't wait to post lots of pictures and recipes of things I've been dying to make. Just hang on and these posts will get more interesting. :0)

Menu for Today:

B~ Green Smoothie

L~ Assorted fruit and veggies

Snack~ Apple and I think I may have had an orange?

D~ Salad


shannonmarie said...

I really don't know how you're making it through this detox, but I am proud of you for trying. Good job, girlie girl :-)

Charissa said...

Personally, it's hard because I'm craving oils and nuts. Thanks for the cheering, it helps SO much. I'm almost done though and I'm so excited. ;0) Raw ice-cream here we come!