Monday, March 24, 2008

Raw Ice-Cream Floats

I have discovered a wondrous raw treat...and I'm so glad I did! I made a thinner Chocolate Banana Shake, poured a raw chocolate syrup down the sides of the glass, and then took a scoop of Banana Ice-Cream for the top. Silly me, I didn't even experiment to see if it would float or not (altho' I rather doubt it), but the principle is the same. Ice-Cream with a drink...sigh, just like the good old days. Now I'm imagining all the possibilities, such as fizzy Synergy Kombucha (in fun flavours) with ice-cream, thin fruity shakes, or perhaps even Green Smoothies with this delightful combo.

Just for you all, I made up a new ice-cream to grace your next raw drink with. I hope you enjoy it! I know I sure did and I know I will make it again (only I will double it next time, this serves one) Once again I tried to make it a more economical version, but I didn't skimp on flavours. Trust me! Creamy, dreamy, and white...I think you'll like it!

The Floaty Ice-Cream

1/2 can of organic coconut milk (or use your own raw coconut milk, if you're more comfortable with that...I sometimes use canned organic coconut milk, but only because it's really the only nutritional thing you can eat canned, because coconut is such a stable food, protected by it's high levels of vitamin E)

1/2 cup of cashews (soaked 1-2 hours beforehand)

small splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice

a few grains of pure salt

2-3 TB of pure maple syrup

1-2 packets of Stevia (or less, depending how sweet you like it)

Blend up in the Vita-Mix and process in your ice-cream maker. Delight in every cold, creamy mouthful on top of a fun drink (or sunken at the bottom, lol) or just as it is.

We've been incredibly busy here, just a whirl of activity from morning to evening. Why? Well, our family is leaving the day after tomorrow to do a 3-week music tour through the states (and a bit in British Columbia as well)!!! I can't believe it's happening so soon! We're going to and through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Washington, California, Utah, and Nevada, as well as B.C. Canada. We've got our trailer loaded with our sound equipment, our van is about to be filled with our abounding suitcases, duffel bags, pillows, and garment bags, and then we'll be gone. I'm going to miss blogging for 3 weeks, believe me, but I'm really hoping to be able to post a few times while I'm gone, providing I can get a hold of a computer with Internet access. Sniff, sniff...I'll miss reading you guy's blogs too, but I'm reminding myself it's just for 3 weeks. But I really cannot fully express how excited I am about this trip!!! I love singing with my family and travelling with them. We always have SUCH A LOT of fun and grow closer together (believe me, 3 weeks of travelling in a van gets you close, lol).

We're going to Disney Land in between times (I've never been!) and we'll be able to stay at lots of friend's places after our concerts. One family we know in California have their own orchard and they've promised to let us try oranges off their own trees (just the end of the orange season). I'm so excited about that! I hope to go to Whole Foods for the first time and pick up a copy of Get Fresh among other things (I've never been there either, just Trader Joe's). And I'm desperately hoping there will be a raw cafe or restaurant I can try on our trip. If any of you have any suggestions, let me know.

I'll try to post one or two more times before we leave, despite our hectic-ness (you wouldn't believe the million things one has to do before a 3-week trip! I'm about to have a nervous breakdown...just kidding, I'm quite stable). Have a lovely evening all..perhaps with a raw Ice-Cream float in hand? :0)


HiHoRosie said...


HiHoRosie said...

Oh and I just noticed: WASHINGTON. You'll be here. :) Where in WA?

Charissa said...

Vancouver and Hoodsport are the two places in Washington.

shannonmarie said...

We do think alike. I was planning on doing a float soon for WLIR, although my idea was a little different. I was just waiting for warmer weather. If and when I give up my spot on the squad, you could totally fill it.

Have fun on your trip :-)

Charissa said...

Awww, Shannonmarie, you are SWEET! I can't wait to see you post on WLIR, maybe I can improve on mine.

Thanks! I know I'll have fun! (but I'll miss reading your posts!) :0)

HiHoRosie said...

I'm about 3 hours away from Vancouver...and Hoodsport, I have never heard of! I'll have to look that one up. I have a feeling it's faraway, possibly near the WA-OR border.

Michelle J said...

Hi Charissa, thanks for sharing that great icecream float recipe! Looks yummy!

Charissa said...

You're welcome, Michelle. Hope ya like it!