Friday, March 21, 2008

How's this for a title?

I really can't explain why I have such a weird heading...but I honestly couldn't think of anything interesting for a title. So I decided to be random. (admit it, it's fun to be random, lol)

Yesterday I finished my beautiful mint ice-cream (the picture is in dedication to it's memory and to it's short, but truly sweet existence) and I ate it for lunch. I'm really living the sweet life...cheesecake for dessert yesterday and this ice-cream today. But life wouldn't be as enjoyable with sweet things, right? Right.

Anywhoo...Bueller tagged me for 5 things. I actually already did this once, but oh well, I'll tell you 5 more short things about me, all random, of course. :0)

1. My Great Uncle was the Premier of one of the Canadian Provinces.

2. I'm younger than I look...or do I? :0)

3. I love any white flower, especially lilies or roses. White is a color that just speaks of purity, beauty, and youth. There's such a simplicity and elegance about it.

4. My childhood heroine was Cinderella...and dare I say it? Still is. But what girl isn't in love with the whole "Cinderella" story? I wanted pure, golden hair and bright, blue eyes so badly just so I could look like Disney's version of Cinderella. I still think she's a beautiful example of a forgiving young woman who makes life beautiful, despite horrible circumstances.

5. I love trying new things and embracing new adventures that life brings!

Here's a few people (I'm not being strict with 5...almost everyone has been tagged anyway) I've tagged: Karen, Tera, and Amy... Those who are tagged, tell 5 cool things about yourself on your blog and then if you like tag 5 other people with links to their names on your blog.

There. I'm done being random for today and tomorrow you can expect something more ----------- .(place your own adjective there...for once again, my mind is blank. :0)


HiHoRosie said...

You do have beautiful golden tresses like Cinderella! Thanks for sharing, even if you did this recently, it's still fun for us readers to learn more things about you. :)

Happy Easter!

Charissa said...

I wasn't sure what to do, being tagged twice. ;0)

Happy Easter to you too!!! I'm so excited about it! Are you doing anything special? Or will I hear about it on your blog?

Penni said...

Your ice cream looks amazing! YUM YUM. I wanted to stop by this morning and wish you a Blessed Easter....He is Risen indeed!

Charissa said...

Thank you, Penni! I wish you the happiest Easter ever, He is risen indeed!