Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Birthday's Eve and the Stars of Raw Desserts

What a long title, please forgive me...but today I've been long winded about everything! Today is one of those days where lots of little magical things happen. I spent my entire morning and a lot of the afternoon preparing some things for my raw birthday's supper tomorrow night, in the afternoon I went to town with my brother Andrew and got my hair layered at the hairdressers (I've never had it
layered before and I'm so excited about it!!!), and then I came home and to see what I've been waiting ages bridesmaid dress had come for Lizzy's wedding!! Not only that, but my order from Raw Guru came! Needless to say, I was very excited, and that's why I was long winded. When I get a little hyper I talk a lot. My poor family deals with me so nicely.

Part of my order from Raw Guru was what the title picture shows: maca, lucuma, and mesquite powder. I've never used any of these things before, and yet, I was always drooling over all the recipes (especially desserts) that I saw the ingredients listed in. Finally, I was able to get them and although I haven't yet used them, I have a long list of things to use them for, starting tomorrow. Personally, I think these great things are the stars of raw desserts (hence the title...see, I'm not as disjointed as you think, it all came together).

Here's some cool things about Maca:
Balances hormones
Deeper sleep
Balances moods
Enhances memory and brain function
Increases energy levels
Helps adapt to stress

Slows the aging process
Lessens aches and pain, more endurance and stamina
Prevents osteoporosis, high calcium and vegetable protein

And here's what I birthday menu for tomorrow night!

Main meal: Taco-type Salad with assorted toppings (such as "taco meat", "corn chips", "fried mushrooms", tomatoes, assorted veggies, sprouts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and Catalina dressing)

Dessert: Cheesecake!!! Wahoo! Topped and drizzled with Vanilla Chocolate Sauce

Snack during games later on: Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

If you're clicking on the links for my B.D. menu you'll notice they're all from Gone Raw. I love this site and I like to try lots of fun things there. It would've be fun to make up my own cheesecake for dessert, but I didn't think that it was a good time to be inventing my know, when I'd be trying it out on a lot of people. This cheesecake had a lot of good vibes and now I know why!! Wow, once I tasted that cheesecake batter today I nearly died of happiness. It is AMAZING! And it looks fabulous too in a very pure, creamy white! I only used the cheesecake part of the recipe and used a different crust, and I also halfed it. If you're going to make this cheesecake...I think you should reduce the amount of lemon significantly (I took nearly 1/2 cup off it). For my birthday, I am not doing the raspberry sauce that is used. A girl's gotta have chocolate sometimes...

Well, there's a few things I want to get done tonight before I'm a completely different age, so I better go.


shannonmarie said...

Happy birthday! We are on the same wavelength again. You wrote about something similar to my plans for my next WLIR post. I'm not saying exactly what, since I'm not sure if I will still be making it. We'll see.

Melinda said...

I get excited when I get an order in too! lol I haven't ever tried the lucuma, maca and mesquite- let me know how you like them. Hope you have the BESTEST Birthday ever!!
xoxo Melinda

Raw Bliss said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie! I love reading your posts. They are so energetic and you just exude this amazing positive energy.

Sending you the best of birthday wishes and love! Have fun, honey.

With love,

HiHoRosie said...

Oh my gosh! You mentioned taco salad and that's what we had last night. I'm excited about it because I will be blogging about it very very soon. ;)

BTW, you're going to love all those things you got today: the lucuma, mesquite and MACA! It's all very good stuff and they're also good in smoothies.

Happy Birthday! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Charissa said...

Shannonmarie~ Thanks so much! I LOVED your cinnamin twist on WLIR. Awesome!I can't wait to try it.

Melinda~ I'll let you know, at least I'll try too. ;0) Thanks so much! I really did have the best birthday!

Raw Bliss~ Thanks for your encouragement, you're too kind! I did have a great birthday thanks!

Heidi~ Thank you! Wasn't that great supper (since we both had it)? ;0)