Thursday, February 7, 2008

Raw Day for Two

DAY 38

Today my lovely sister Anne-Marie decided to join me on an "All-Raw" day (yay, Annie!), so we planned our menu, making it lots of fun. We decided on a simple salad for lunch and for supper, Shannomarie's ( Cream of Brocolli soup as well as a spicy, walnut Taco meat served on Romaine lettuce, with chopped tomatoes, and a lovely red sauce/dressing (one of my favourites) leftover from lunch. I'm sold on the idea of Taco meat rolled on leaves with sauce and the "fixing". I'm excited to have the leftovers tomorrow for lunch.

Here's the secret sauce/dressing that is so deluctable. I use it as a Catalina/Russian/Ketchup dressing, lol, because in my opinon it works just like all those dressings do...except, it's raw and healthy. Hurrah!

CATALINA DRESSING (also a good BQ sauce and ketchup)

about 1/2 c. sundried tomatoes (these were packed in oil)

about 3-4 T. apple cider vinager

about 1/2 c. olive oil

a small slice of onion

about 1 tsp. paprika

about 1 tsp. of sea salt or herb salt

about 2-3 dates (medium)

1-2 T. raw honey

1/2. of medium red pepper

Note: You may need to add a little water or more oil depending if you're making a sauce or dressing. The oil tends to seperate a bit, so give it a shake or stir before serving.

Blend up. Adjust to taste the way you like it. As you can see, these are just approximates of mine (I don't measure as much as I used to). Some people like it more vinagery, some sweeter, some spicier, so dabble as much as you like, but the above recipe is how I like it...sweet and vinagery.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the meal or the dressing. My sister Elizabeth has the camera again, bless her! Lol, oh well, such is life.


wyldegirl said...

thanks sweetie! i'm glad the constant change doesn't throw people off!!

your recipes look decadently yummy. . . the cookies might have to be tried very soon!
and will we get to read your survey answers here??

xx jenny

Keely said...

When is your sister's birthday? I think it's high time someone gave her a camera of her very own!!! [grin]

Munchie said...

I love reading about your daily adventures with your sisters and mom. I wish I had that sort of relationship with my sister... maybe our day will come in the future. :o) Wish you guys the best!

Charissa said...

Wyldegirl ~ I actually already did that survey, quite a while ago. It's in my older posts. Very willingly, I return your compliment, your recipes simply look scrummy too! I'm sure I will try some soon.

Keely ~ Lol, my sister is actually getting married in less than four months (sniff, sniff) so then she and her new hubby will have their own camera and I shall have it to my own self.

Munchie ~ Thanks for your sweet note. I am VERY blessed to have such encouraging and supportive family.