Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aerobic Oxygen

Lately I've been taking "Aerobic Oxygen". It's a liquid that you add to your water that actually has oxygen in it. You're supposed to take it 3 times daily, adding 15-20 drops in your water.

It is used for lots of things from purifying your drinking water, general health maintaining, athletic training, energy and stamina, to using it for a mouthwash. Here are some other great things it helps cure:

angina attacks
asthma & emphysema
bronchial infections
sinus infections
epilepsy and Alzheimer's
poor circulation
gives higher energy levels

Well, I gotta grab my Green Smoothie and run soon, so that's it for today. Tomorrow, all day skiing and today...(involuntary shudder) blood donating! Life is made of adventures.


Kristen's Raw said...

Have fun!!!

Charissa said...

Thanks! I actually did, despite the fear and trepidation. ;0)