Monday, February 25, 2008

Better Late than Ever!

Well, I've been the naughty you might've noticed I didn't blog for about 3 (or was it 4?) days. Bad, I know! But our weekend was super busy and I find blogging so much more fun when I take pictures...and I'm happy to report, the camera is back! May it not leave me for a least another month!

I don't know why I'm always eating chocolate shakes, but they're just so lovely! Here's the one I'm having tonight while Anne-Marie and I snuggle up and read "The Fellowship of the Rings". We're just about to meed the River's daughter, Goldberry and have an enchanting chat with Tom Bobadil (a good friend of the family's), lol. When Annie heard I had made a chocolate shake (I thought she wanted tea) she immediately went downstairs to make on too, armed with my simple instructions.

Here it is:

1 banana (preferably frozen)

about 6 or so ice-cubes

almond milk (tonight I used the almond "silt" at the bottom of the pitcher and added a wee bit more water)

1 big teaspoon of organic cocoa

1 big teaspoon of raw honey

Blend to creamy perfection. Top with raw cacao nibs or a dusting of powder.

This afternoon I made my Daddy some raw halva. He loves it and I like to make him the homemade stuff so he doesn't go out and buy the bad, sugared stuff. It's the most simple thing ever to make.

Raw Halva

Just mix ground sesame seeds (use a coffee grinder, I did 3 batches in there), salt (just a little), about 1 TB. of flax oil or coconut oil and raw liquid honey till you get a pastey, lovely dough. Pat in a container that is oiled lightly with a raw oil. Refridgerate.

Now my LOTR book awaits us, so I'm off to visit Goldberry, chocolate shake in hand. Till tomorrow (hopefully! I'll try to be a better blogger. :0)


Paulina said...

I'll be enjoying one of your chocolate shakes tonight! It looks so scrumptious yet easy to make.

Charissa said...

I like the simple! Hope you enjoy it!

shannonmarie said...

Glad you got your camera back. I'm also big on the chocolate shakes, although mine are usually green. My hubby drinks them, too.

Charissa said...

That's great! I'll have to make a green chocolate drink. I admit, it does sound odd. I think a green mint chocolate shake sounds more appetizing. :0)