Friday, February 8, 2008

I love my In-Loves (in-laws)

DAY 39

Today was such fun! I went over to my sister-in-love, Rebecca's house and we made cards together in the afternoon. She's into raw too (not quite as radically crazy as me) and she made the supper thinking especially of me. One of my brothers and Anne-Marie came over for supper later and she had a "Taco-Salad" meal for us, salad + whatever toppings you wish. She made chicken for the "normal" eaters, and a walnut "meat" and raw dressing for me (and whoever else wanted it). I simply skipped the toppings of cheese, chicken, and eggs. It was so filling and so incredibly good.

She didn't stop there, the little monkey! Lol, she made a raw chocolate shake for us all for dessert as well as raw caramel dip with apples and kiwi slices. She's incredible that one! It just makes me sigh with gladness to think of the incredible, supportive family that God has given to me. I just don't deserve it. In the evening we played games galore (I didn't win any...sigh)

We finished off a bottle of organic flax oil today, but there was little bit left at the bottom. So I used it as a lotion for my lips, legs, and hands. I try to use only natural products on my skin and am still replacing every body care product/cosmetic with a natural counterpart. I gave away pretty much all of my lotions, bodywashes, lip balms, deodrants to my sisters or the garbage quite a while ago. Recently I just bought some mineral makeup which I am really starting to like.

Here are some great counterparts for the common skin care products that I often use:

~ Olive oil (makes a nice gloss for lips, lotion, eye cream, sheen for eyelids, conditioning mask for hair)
~ Coconut oil (eye cream, face cream, same as above)
~ Flax seed oil (same as above)
~ Sesame seed oil (very fragrant, same as above)
~ Grapeseed oil (eye cream, same as above)
~ Honey (lip balm, softening face mask)

And...I'm too sleepy to think of anything else right now. :0)