Saturday, February 9, 2008

Avacado and Grapefruit Salad

DAY 40

Such an un-original, yawning title, but I'm afraid my creative juices have really run dry today. I expect a fresh shipment of such "juices" tomorrow, or at best, this evening, lol.
The above salad is not my picture (because as everyone knows I'm camera-less at present), but a beautiful picture from somewhere that I cannot for-the-life-of-me remember. Anyway, it's the same salad I had for lunch, minus the mint and a few other things we didn't have (or I didn't feel like putting in) I was in a hurry to eat lunch; therefore, I barely scanned the recipe (from Raw Food Real World) before it was made. Unfortunately, that was our last avacado I used for the salad. I certainly enjoyed every morsel of it; yet, I cannot help but feel a sense of remorse that there are none left (sniff, sniff). If I could eat one fruit the entire day, that is what I would choose.
Oh, and here is the scrummy breakfast I had today:
~ Grapes
~ Pineapple slices
~ Orange slices
~ Banana slices
Mix it up and eat as is, or coat lightly with honey and a raw yogurt. An additional idea (which I thinks sounds deluctable) is to coat whatever cut up fruit you wish with a leftover fruit smoothie.


mandy said...

i love avocado grapefruit salad. great picture!

Charissa said...

Thanks, but as I said, I can't take credit for it. ;0)
Avacados and grapefruits are truly superb. A great mix!

shannonmarie said...

That's one of my favorite recipes. We must have the same taste-buds.

Charissa said...

Lol, that's how I feel about the recipes of yours that I've tried!

Keely said...

I love avocados!!! I know some people like to use them as a face mask, but I would be licking it off if I tried it!!! [grin]

Charissa said...

Keely, I know what ya mean. Oh my word! I adore avacados! All the same, I still want to try an avacado mask. Right now I'm still digging the papaya mask. :)

bueller said...

Looks fantastic. One of my favorite combinations!

Charissa said...

Thanks, Bueller! It's a good combo.