Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My diet has barely changed at all, but my whole attitude about raw food in general is so refreshed and exciting. Why? Because of the choice that I made yesterday. I don't think I did a very good job of explaining it, but, in a nutshell, I decided that the period of "counting to see how many raw days I could do" was over and that raw food and listening to my body was to become more of a lifestyle, not just a period of detoxing. Because of this choice, I have given myself freedom...I'm not bound by my own food rules anymore. This sounds like I'm letting go of all my health and raw principles. No way!!! It's like this: I have the freedom to eat macaroni and cheese. But I WON'T touch it! It sounds disgusting and gross to me. My mind knows it's bad for me and my body does NOT want it. It doesn't even appeal to me. If I could help it, I would NEVER eat it! But still, I have the freedom to eat it. Do you understand now? I'm not continually telling myself, oh, I can't eat that, it's not raw. No, I promised myself I wouldn't eat that. Nope, I made a rule I can't do that. Even though I follow those previous "rules" and "regulations" pretty much just the same as always, the "do" and "do nots" do not follow me around, making me feel like I'm denied the priviledge of even making a choice, which would probably be "no" anyway. I don't like that feeling. I'm allowing my body to choose what it wants with freedom and a new sense of liberation, even though I'm doing pretty much the same thing anyway. Make sense?

Tonight the only thing I had that wasn't raw for supper was some parmesan sprinkled over my salad. I had a raw soup with some lovely "meatballs" I had whipped up a couple days ago. I had the option of heatlhy cooked food, but I didn't need it or even want it. The soup was comforting and just what my body needed.

Still, this "listening" to my body thing is harder than I thought it would be. Even with raw food, it's easy to eat lots of this and that, mixing and matching all sorts of combinations, simply because it's raw and healthy for us. Raw is ideal, but always eating or ignoring what your body wants isn't. But when you're listening to your body, your choices change. You don't eat at a certain time, because you're not hungry. You eat fruit and veggies because it feels the most refreshing and energizing. You drink more water and you stop when you're full. I'm used to having a snack when I want one, whether I'm hungry or I feel I need it or not. See what I mean? I think it'll take me a while to get a hang of this, but I'm trying and I feel really great!

Hopefully my last post wasn't too confusing for you, this one might sound a bit more clarified. See? Things aren't changing drastically at all, just my perspective has.

Breakfast was a big green smoothie with superfoods. Lunch was a salad with a tahina dressing and a few slices or oranges for dessert. I didn't really have any snacks, which was odd for me. Supper was raw soup with "meatballs". I had some raw halva for a sweet at the end of the meal. (I make it for my Daddy, so he doesn't go and buy the toxic, sugary version. He loves halva!)

Here's the gorgeous soup I had for supper and the recipe for the "meatballs". I wanted to post a picture of the vibrant orange soup I savoured, but lol, my sister has the camera again. Go figure. :0)

Comforting Carrot” Soup“ (with sundried tomatoes and “meatballs”
(Serves 2, I wanted enough for another day)

3 organic baby carrots
2 cups of water
Herb salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
About ½ cup of sundried tomatoes (these were packed in olive oil, so if you use the dry kind you’ll have to add a wee bit of oil to the soup)
About a teaspoon of pasta seasoning (use your imagination on that one or skip it, if you don’t have that)
A pinch of paprika
Just a pinch of ground red pepper to give it a bit of zing
1 big teaspoon of organic, brown miso
½ cup of soaked cashews (soak for an hour or two beforehand)

Blend up in the Vita-Mix till warm/hot. Add the “meatballs”.

(Serves 1)

About ½ cup of walnuts
Montreal steak spice to taste (well, yes, I’m quite certain that isn’t really raw, but close enough…next time I make it I’m going to choose a healthier spice)
Cumin to taste
Salt, if needed (I didn’t use salt)
Add a wee bit of water or freshly squeezed orange juice (I used soaked date water) to get it to stick all together

Mix together in the food processor and then shape in little meatballs (they're very cute and look just like the real deal). Put them in the dehydrator to dry out some. I did that first and then for about a half hour or so later I let them heat up some more, so they were warm in the soup.

I love my new attitude to raw food and just food in general. I really feel so euphoric. Now I'm going to spend some time in my Bible with the Lord before bed. Goodnight!


Bueller said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!!

Keely said...

I'm beginning to think we need to start a fund to get you another camera!!! [grin]

Thanks for the clarification, too! Have fun!

Charissa said...

Thanks, Bueller. :0)

Keely, I give you permission to start a fund. ;0) JK. Maybe a pink camera like Diva Tera, lol. :0)

Darice Michelle said...

Hey they are now selling the Canon 30D for under or around $600! Or maybe you can buy my 20D used for cheaper : )

Charissa, I love your sweet heart in your blog. You are just precious!

Charissa said...

Aw, thanks Darice, your words warmed my heart! You're the sweet one!

Is a Canon 60D the best kind, in your opinion (just curious, someday I would love a good camera, even if it's when I'm old and grey, lol)?

Charissa said...

Oops, meant Canon 30D. :0)