Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Art and Music of Uncooking

DAY 43

Granted...perhaps a banjo isn't that romantic, or artsy, but at least it has to do with music, lol. I thought today, partly since it's so close to Valentine's to write out some words that has incorporated the "romantic" and creative side of raw food.

This is an "musical" excerpt (which I read for fun, it's so well written) by Serene Allison (from her raw recipe book)

"...In some dishes I want to pull out the high notes and concentrate on the zings and ttingles of flavors such as lemons or citrus, sea salt, or tangy herbs. In other dishes I might want to dabble in the low notes of deep flavors achieved by warming eastern spices and foods that have more depth. Sometimes I may want to mute the notes of the dish by using neutral tone ingredients and blending subtle flavors together for an understated but delicate and fine aria. There are also times to harmonize the highs, lows, and middle notes to create an incredible well-rounded orchestra with nothing lacking.

Raw ingredients have great versatility. There are times when you may want to get all dressed up and wear something dazzling or other times lounge around in simple attire. In the same way you can either dress your ingredients simply or dress them up to the hilt to dazzle the senses.

Sometimes you might want to make a certain ingredient sweet or other times use it as a base for a savory dish. Ideas are endless. Each meal is a new blank canvas on which to create a beautiful picture of color and texture. Preparing food is an ART. It is an opportunity for artistic and personal expression. Try uncooking. It is fun, new, and exciting. It is like putting a charged battery on you plate. As soon as you eat it and plug it in, your body is ready and rearing to go.

Foods have different depths. Some jump out with an intense boom and peter out quickly. Others slink in the back way but linger on your palate longer. By combining these different depths you can create a harmony with any flavor sensation you desire. You can create a harmony with any flavor sensation you desire. You can create something with pizzazz that dances on the tongue or a simple smooth delicacy that rolls down with the ease and richness of the crooning notes of a jazz saxophone. You can make charming little tinkling side dishes or main meals with the fulness of a symphony of violins. You can create flavors that shout boom or arrange a delicate savor that whispers a lullaby. You can make a dish that says, "Let's party" or create a meal that carries you across the oceans and back in time. It is all possible by understanding the unique essences and personality of the incredibly versatile foods cGod created for us. He is the father of all creativity and we are created in His image. I believe He loves to see us being creative."

...And now I'm off to be creative with myself. I'm going to see if I can invent raw chocolate Turtles in honor of Valentine's Day. :0)


shannonmarie said...

My husband has always wanted to learn how to play the banjo.

Charissa said...

He should try. It's not as hard as it looks. It needs cordination, which I'm not sure I have, but that's the hardest thing about it. Personally, it's not my favourite instrument...I enjoy playing guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, and piano better. But it's still a great instrument, very happy sounding.

Kristen's Raw said...

That was so fun to read. Thanks for posting that!!!

Charissa said...

I know, she's such a great writer!

leighstar said...

Yahoo!!! I heart the banjo!!!! What a wonderful photo!! ;) I wish your blog had audio! Thanks for the warm words, they went straight to my heart... on Valentine's Day, no less!
Love n' light to you, my dear.

Charissa said...

Awww, glad you liked it Leighstar! Ha, ha you would NOT want to hear me play banjo, I assure you. I'm still learning, sigh. But my family is encouraging. :0)

Have an awesome Valentines!