Sunday, February 3, 2008

Grapefruit Detox, Day Two

Here I am, day two and doing great! Although I must say, I feel really tired and a bit cold today, but that's normal for a cleanse, besides it's Sunday, a day to relax. Tomorrow I'll have more energy I'm sure.

So here is way I eat grapefruits...I even took pictures for you, lol.
1. First I take a normal table knife (that has a little bit of a serrated edge) and cut inside the "pockets" of fruit out. 2. Lovely nugget of fruit 3. A whole bowl bursting with flavour!

I wanted something hot this morning so I squeezed 1/2 to a whole orange into warm water. It tasted like orange tea just punched with flavour. I imagine you could add some orange zest or bits of peel into that too, providing the peel is organic.

We had company for lunch and the menu was the traditional roast beef dinner with an incredible chocolate pudding cake for dessert. I just sniffed the pudding cake longingly and resolved to make a raw version of it soon. I was very sneaky and our guests did not even noticed that behind a plate of salad and a whole wheat bun I was eating grapefruit (once again, I sat in the corner). After the meal was over I put the salad back in the bowl and my brother very obligingly ate my bun (or as the Americans say a "roll", lol). For dessert I had previously frozen a bowl of grapefruit and ate it just like that. I can imagine it being so deluctable on a hot summer's day.

Speaking of which, it's minus 17 Celcius today (Daddy says it's warming up) in a world blanketed in snow, meanwhile my fellow bloggers are watering their gardens and picking oranges off their trees. Sigh...No, just kidding. I'm enjoying myself completely, though I am excited for summer. A few weeks ago my Mom and I picked out some seeds on the internet we wanted for this year's garden. We bought them from an organic seed company, which needless to say, I was very pleased about. When wishful thoughts of a hot summer sun come to mind, I remind myself how much more happy and grateful I'll be about it when it does come!


shannonmarie said...

That grapefruit is beautiful. I want some.

Charissa said...

Aren't they? I thought I'd be sick of grapefruits by now, but I'm not.