Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Green, Green Day

DAY 44

First, I started out with a Parsley Green Smoothie (a newbie favorite). That was breakfast, alongside a grapefruit (I didn't get sick of them from the detox apparently, lol) and an orange.

Lunch was a quick, but a lovely salad. Once I tossed all the fixings I wanted in there I squirted in some apple cider vinager, pure olive oil, organic flax oil, salt, fresh cracked pepper, and some maple syrup. This is fantastic, quick and absolutely delish (the fad word for raw fooders, it seems...but pefectly accurate, lol)!

And my dinner (that I just finished) was Cream of Broccoli soup. I made the soup a little different this time (Shannonmarie, I love this soup!!!) and tossed in not just broccoli, but some organic greens. The soup was green in color and just filled with GREEN POWER! It was also loaded with garlic and onion (I love it, but I added too much for this particular day, due to the fact I'm going out this evening...people may not come too close to me, lol) I topped the soup with my leftover Parmasen Cheese Sprinkles (they even melted).

A couple nights ago I learned more about the absolutely incredible powers of Chlorophyll. I already wrote a blog post about it a while back, but here's some more healing properties of Chlorophyll for you to get excited about. (taken from "Green for Life" by Victoria Boutenko, we all know her!)

  • builds high blood count
  • helps prevent cancer
  • provides ions to organs
  • makes body more alkaline (yay, greens!)
  • counteracts toxins eaten
  • improves anemic conditions
  • helps purify the liver
  • aids hepatitis improvement
  • aids hemophilia conditon
  • improves milk production
  • helps sores heal faster
  • eliminates body odours
  • resists bacteria in wounds
  • cleans tooth and gum structure in pyorrhea
  • eliminates bad breath (lol, I need some chlorophyll for my garlic mouth)
  • relieves sore throat
  • makes an excellent oral surgery gargle
  • benefits inlamed tonsils
  • revitalizes vascular system in the legs
  • improves varicose veins
  • improves vision
  • reduces pain caused by inflammation

And that's just some of it...

So drink your green smoothies, your green veggies, and salads. Every bit just revs up your "Green Machine" that much more to a healthier lifestyle.


bueller said...

I love your blog. Thanks for referring me here! I will add a link to yours on my blog. Feel free to reciprocate. (

Great recipes!

mandy said...

urgh, i wish i could deal with green smoothies... but i love the green juice! i also love salads. but green and gloppy just grosses me out a little. boo.

Charissa said...

Bueller, glad you like it. I return the compliment most heartily! You have a lovely blog!!!

Mandy, if you like fruit shakes you could just add a handful or two of green spinach. Spinach is so mild. Put it in a non-see through container and you won't notice it's green at all. (I did that sometimes at the beginning, or when the drink was more brown than green, lol. It helps!)
Awesome you like green juice and salads! Oh, sounds good,