Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Donating Blood...Ahhhhh!

Okay! I have this horrid fear of donating blood or of getting my blood taken. I squirm when I look at the picture even...and get this odd feeling all over. But tomorrow my sisters and I are going into the city and in addition to our long to-do list, Anne-Marie and I are donating blood. It gives me a hot and cold feeling. Every time I've had my blood taken at the hospital for tests I've nearly fainted each time and had to lie or sit down in an obliging wheelchair or bed. When I read "Medicine and the blood" in studies I get a funny feeling in my feet. I'm not kidding. It's wierd because I don't mind dealing with blood or seeing it in the least...but reading about it, that's another story.

Anne-Marie (A-M) likes donating blood. She says to drink lots of water beforehand and that, really, it's not so bad. Then she laughs and says that they give juice and cookies afterwards. I don't want a cookie! As she scheduled our appointments on the phone she just looked at me with a big grin. I think she's enjoying this!

At supper this evening, I was laughing (with a hint of dread), "I'm going to conquer this fear! I will do this!" Grandpa replied, "Your blood ought to be really healthy." Well, whatever the case it's a good thing to donate blood, and additionally it's good to not be afraid of things. SO I WILL DO THIS!

I might do a quick blogpost in the morning, but we'll leave pretty early. Elizabeth, A-M, and I will stay the night at our brother's family's place and the next day...hurrah! We're going skiing (so don't expect a blog post on Thursday)! I haven't gone skiing in years! And I'm soooooo excited! Last time I went skiing I cracked my skull four inches (my family laughs that I haven't been the same since!), ripped tissue severely in my arm, and other "minor" things. It was quite a bad accident (my first ambulance trip...I always wanted to do that!), but God had his angels around me (my family ALSO says that I must have a lot of guardian angels for all I do). Putting that aside, I can't WAIT to get up on skiis again. Hopefully I won't kill myself. We're going, just us siblings (well, most of us...like I said, I have a big family) and my Mom will come to look after my baby niece at the lodge. So it should be FUN, FUN, FUN!

Oh dear! I just remembered the blood donating!


shannonmarie said...

I'm not good at giving blood either. I have a history of passing out. Can you believe that I work in a doctor's office?

Micaela said...

Hello :) Good going on the blood donation. I have been wanting to do it and never having the guts to actually do it! You did great!

Charissa said...

Shannonmarie~ I didn't know you worked at Doctor's office. That's neat...as for giving blood, I'm with you. I wouldn't do it for fun. :0)

Micaela~ If I can do it, you definitely can. I think it's for a great cause! Thanks for the encouragement.

Micaela said...

My mother has actually donated around 25 pints and my sister has done a few. I would like to get into it sometime. I just have to be brave!