Monday, February 11, 2008

One of those days...

DAY 42

...when everything goes a little bit wrong. I spent over two hours waiting in the doctor office today (not for my appointment) and when we finally got home (after our other business) it was supper. I hadn't had time to prepare anything and the thought of salad just didn't appeal to me at that moment. So I decided that while my family ate, with my Mommsie's permission, I would hop into the tub and have a relaxing soak with a good supper of a chocolate shake. Alas! With an accidental tip of the finger my beloved supper tipped and entirely spilt on the floor. I tried to be calm and whispered a prayer, "Lord, help me to have a right attitude about this, but that's my supper." But He did help me in my attitude and not bemoan my loss too much. I licked some of it up (yes, I know, I guess I shouldn't of...but it was soooo good) and had my bath anyway. The water was cooler than I like it. Of course. And then I headed downstairs about to greet all the dishes that I needed to wash with a grim smile. But you know, that's all good. Sometimes everything doesn't go perfectly, in fact, almost all the time it doesn't. Tonight I just ate bits and pieces of things that I found lying around (that were raw, of course) and I'm planning on loading up on some hot chocolately-chai tea with honey soon before bed.
Life is great, despite the fact I felt that most of my day was wasted at the doctor's office, or that my supper spilt, the bath wasn't piping hot, and the feeling like I didn't get much accomplished. Sometimes those little annoying things roll right off your back and sometimes they bother more than they should, but the whole point is...Life is beautiful and you can look at the good side of things or see those annoying things as horrible. I think that we grow in character when we accept things we don't like and make the best of things. So tonight, I choose to look at the silver lining in the clouds.
Ok, enough of a sermon for today, lol. ...Tomorrow: The "Romance of Raw Food"


Rediscover Raw Food said...

But it was a nice sermon! And one on a subject I need to be reminded of every once in a while...still working on patience as a virtue.

Charissa said...

...Patience, oh yes, I can tell you...I'm working on it full time, lol. Nonetheless, it's good to have those kind of days...once in a while. ;0)