Friday, February 15, 2008

Thick Smoothies and Donuts

DAY 46

I have found a dear friend...raw chocolate donuts! Shannonmarie invented these incredible donuts! I love them to bitsies! Ohhh, they are so incredible. If you had not tried them, I beckon you to do so. You will be well rewarded! I made only chocolate (as you can tell from my last post I'm a bit of a fanatic) donuts, but she has a bunch of different kinds you can try, such as, "Better than Peanut Butter Donuts, Plain Donuts, even Raspberry-filled donuts. (Now I think I'd like a donut, lol.)

In a few days you can expect some more pictures of raw donuts. Tomorrow my sister will be home, bestowing the camera upon me again...yay! (my brother's camera is already back)

And these last couple days I have been eating Green Smoothies in a new way. Not just mixing your bananas with some spinach or kale and drinking that up, nope...I've taken it to a newer level. Superfood Smoothies! I was inspired reading Sarma's article about green smoothies, mostly by the recipe she posted at the end. So here's my version (more or less) of Sarma's standard green recipe (what I've been throwing in my blender these last two days).

  • grapefruit (peeled, but if you don't like savoury smoothies, skip this and add bananas...I like them frozen)

  • lemon (peeled)

  • maybe an orange

  • frozen cranberries

  • sesame seeds (good calcium)

  • some aloe vera juice poured in or aloe vera straight from the plant

  • 1 big TB. of Barley Green or other green powder

  • a splash of vanilla

  • coconut water

  • a little stevia to sweeten

  • maybe some honey to sweeten more

  • frozen bananas

  • heaps of parsley, kale, or spinach (I like parsley a lot!)

And then, I blended it up with the Vita-Mix and poured half of the smoothie over this lovely mix to eat with a spoon (when you just need to chomp on something):

  • some goji berries

  • raw cacao bits

  • pumpkin seeds

  • chopped almonds

  • big TB. of bee pollen

  • big TB. of freshly ground flaxseed

  • an apple or grapes (my favorite is the grapes!)

  • hemp seeds

And today, for my lunch, another mixture that is lovely...(Drizzle with honey when mixed)

Just a simple fruit salad of:

  • grapes

  • apples

  • kiwis

  • bananas

Back to green smoothies, I've discovered that the best container to drink from is a quart jar, as you can see above. It's perfect!!! I never drank as much green smoothie as I could've in the morning, my glass was too small, even the biggest glass we have. So now I'm perfectly content with a jar. Plus, a quart of green smoothie is the optimal for ingestion and so this shows me exactly how much I'm drinking.

And quart jars aren't just for smoothies...I've been carrying that same jar around with me ALL day, sipping water from it often (I add a straw). It makes me drink WAY more than I would normally. My Mom got this idea from a friend of hers and it's a super idea. I had been doing that a couple years back and gradually just forgot about it. I drink an average of 10-12 glasses a day when I carry the jar with me, but when I just grab a glass here and there, I feel good if I manage 8 glasses. So I'm sold on the jar idea, especially since plastic isn't the best thing to drink out of anyway. I wanted to find a nice glass travel bottle (we travel a lot with our family's singing), but then the idea came to me...just a Mason Jar with the lid! Happy sipping!


shannonmarie said...

Mmmm. Donuts and green smoothies. Delicious! Thanks for the mention :-)

Charissa said...

You inspired the donut thing! :0)

mandy said...

Voss sells water in glass bottles, and they are pretty convenient to travel with, if you prefer a smaller lip to drink from.

i need to make donuts. yum.

Charissa said...

Good to know, Mandy. Still, I think it'll be pretty easy just to slip a straw in before I plop on the lid.