Friday, January 11, 2008

A Cuppa Tea

DAY 11 of raw and DAY 6 of green cleanse
I have to admit there's just something about the cozy cup of tea, cradling it in between your fingers and savouring the warmth and the fragrant aroma rising to your nose. Nothing could make it better except a cozy quilt and an inviting book.

Some raw foodists aren't into the tea thing, but I LOVE it and would wither away without it, especially in the cold fall/winter months like now. Depending on the quality of your tea, it's a great thing to do for your health. I'm talking herbal (preferably organic) teas, not the regular Earl Black (which is loaded with caffeine). We drink so much tea in our household and we all love the ritual.

Here's some of my toppity-top favourites:

White Tea (it's higher in anti-oxidants than green tea)
Green Tea and Lemon (source of anti-oxidants)
Peppermint Tea (aids digestion and gives you good breath)
Rooibus Tea (in a multiple of flavours, yum, so delicious)
Chocolaty-Chai (yes, it's a tea and it's good! It's especially nice with a dollop of honey)
Chamomile Tea (so nice and light before bed; helps you relax)
If you can buy the organic loose-leaf teas, they're the best for you anyways! And they are so much more fun to play around with and make your daily tea time more fun. If you want, you can even mix up different types and invent your own (the idea just occurred to me! lol)
Now that I inspired myself I'm going to have some tea.