Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Green Smoothies and Apple Cobbler

Today I kid you not, I made the most fantastic green smoothie ever. Oh, it was so good. In fact, I really can't express how grateful I am that there is still some left over in the fridge. I have christened it the Orananna Goodness! Here's the recipe for those who want to experience the taste of orange and green mingled bliss...

About 2 frozen bananas

1 big orange

Pure orange juice as a liquid base

1 big Aloe Vera leaf, filleted

2 big handfuls of spinach

And then guzzle it all up in your high-speed blender, pour into glass, and stick your straw in!

When I tasted it, I was surprised how close to the classic Orange Julius it tasted. I will definitely make it again...like tomorrow morning. :0)

To the right is an apple "cobbler" I had for lunch, very satisfying (I didn't feel like I wanted any snacks during the afternoon) and yummy tasting. It was simply one apple cut up, about a little less than a cup of Raw Food Real World's granola (you can use your own raw granola), a little bit of ginger powder, and tahina and liquid raw honey to mix it all up.

I imagine if you put this in your dehydrator for an hour or so it would be a great, warm dessert to serve after dinner, perhaps for your whole family.

Tonight our family is having spaghetti for supper, so I made a raw version for myself. It's always great when you can eat the "same" thing as your family and friends, just a raw version. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of it and of the tomato sauce that I whipped up this afternoon.


Kristen's Raw said...

That green smoothie pic is adorable with hands wrapped around it.


Charissa said...

Can you see...I'm nearly hugging it! lol