Sunday, January 13, 2008

Purple Greens

DAY 13 of raw and Green Cleanse completed yesterday!

We did it! Mumsie and I finished the green cleanse and as a result we’re very proud of ourselves. :0) During this week, we both had lots of energy and felt really good the entire time. I’m glad we did it, but I must admit, the raw granola and almond milk we had this morning tasted incredible! (and now I'm looking forward to the parsley and pine nut salad waiting for me at lunch :0)

One of the best tasting and most green loaded smoothie we had during this week was, in fact, purple! Now how did we manage that? First, I filled the entire Vita-Mix blender with mixed purple lettuce leaves. And then I loaded on top of that a bunch of different kinds of berries. Finally, as a base, I poured a cup or so of pure grape juice in the blender. The BEST smoothie of the week! So simple and extra-ordinary tasting! That was our well-deserved treat for finishing so well. I only wish I could've posted a picture of it, because it was such a bright, beautiful purple, but my sister has the camera for the week (hence no pictures of our blended creations). Once we get the camera back you can expect pictures of raw recipes and the creations I’ll make in the future.